Beyond matter?

All my life I was taught and led to believe that matter is the stuff reality is made of.

Hard, objective, unavoidable.

At best...
Reality was simply a bunch of atoms.

A concept we all learned to accept without questions.

The worst part of the concept?

We human beings had no ultimate power over that microscopic and inaccessible realm.

Then, one fateful day it got worse. I learned that matter is a prison.

Without escape.

Impossible to overcome.

But even worse... I didn't even consider the chance to believe the opposite.

There was an Hindu term, Maya, that reality is an illusion.

And I wanted so bad to believe in it but no matter how many times I would hear it, the concept couldn't  penetrate the merciless resistance and conditioning of my mind.

With so many apparent feats revealed as fake, how could I believe it?

Maybe it was all cultural superstition, great tricks or at its best...superior mental prowess and training of certain privileged individuals.

Until, after many opportunities, Einstein's words finally resonated in me...

 Matter is Energy.


Getting to know Einstein's Theory of relativity shook my mind.

Everything IS...

Knowing quantum physics changed my life.


I learned how science accorded in many aspects with ancient philosophies and religions regarding the true nature of matter.

I wanted to believe more in Einstein and his energy world, or as I later came to realize...the spiritual world.

the subatomic/spiritual world

Where matter was conformed of a hardcore nucleus, now there were only nuclear elements existing and supported by an immense void.

 Where everything exists as potential.

Where anything can happen.

 Discovering the building blocks of the universe.

Hard cold matter versus abstract light mathematical equations.

I was beginning to understand. Where man’s limits depended on matter, now it didn’t appear so absolute.

All this took me to the unavoidable conclusion that indeed man can be CAUSE over matter.

Going beyond matter started to become possible.

In fact, this is where once again I returned to the ancestral practices and beliefs man has so deeply believed in.

Spiritual and religious traditions have always believed that man is a spirit, not just crude matter.

That's when I turned my attention back to the spiritual world.

That's when I tried to understand more quantum mechanics.

Indeed my thought processes had to become more abstract.

If I wanted to go beyond matter then I had to go beyond something else first.


Einstein and Bohr...
On secrets of a Mastermind

Quantum Physics experiments demonstrated me that the subatomic electrons behavior doesn’t depend  absolutely on an objective reality but on a subjective one, the observer’s (researcher’s) awareness.

Quanta registered.

Fragments of the spiritual/awareness world.

In other words...

Objective equals Hard and Unavoidable.

Subjective equals Relativity!

But it got better...

Schrodinger's cat dilemma brought light to darkness, where awareness has the last word.

The awareness factor was starting to reveal its almighty power over Reality.


Subatomic particles are just tendencies to be or exist!

Now I could understand better ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception).


 Emotion over matter.
Subjective over objective.

 Mind over matter.
Subjective over objective.

 Spirit over matter.
Subjective over objective.

My awareness suffered here a quantum leap (literally).

What if there was more to the mysteries of life?

I couldn't help but remember the concept that our universe is holographic in nature.

After all, a holographic image (as real and three dimensional as it seems) is just a representation. Subjective over objective.

 Karl Pribram

Father of the holographic concept of the universe.

 A book that revolutionized the way I perceive the universe.

Here I had found another ally in my personal war against Maya (Illusion).

It appears real for us because we are connected to it.

And once again, I couldn't help recall another crucial element that came into play helping me to get awake.


 A story to remember...

 A story to consider...

A wonderful metaphor, that if we seriously choose to ignore it...will be under our own risk.

 There is no spoon.
Will over matter.
Subjective over objective.

 Belief over matter.
Subjective over objective.


Matter can be manipulated in proportion to awareness manipulation.

Awareness can be manipulated in proportion to matter manipulation.


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