I never imagined what ghosts could be.

All my life I abode to "conventional wisdom" about their origins:

The afterlife

Until I had second thoughts about one particular story...

The palace of Versailles, France...
Early twentieth century.
Place of the Moberly-Jourdain incident...

  Eleanor Jourdain and Charlotte Anne Moberly.

They assured having seen, on a visit to the Versailles palace, the gardens and people just as they were in the late eighteenth century.

Comte de Vaudreil, apparently seen in the vision.

The Queen of France allegedly recognized in the apparition.
Supposedly, the presence was believed to reveal some similarity with the artist's painting of Marie Antoinette.

I choose to believe in the ladies story, although many people still refuse to accept the possibility that phantasms could exist.

Anyway, the Versailles case made me think twice about a different way to understand the specter world.

Trianon palace, one of the places where the ladies witnessed the mystery.


One of the fundamental beliefs related to haunts is the  afterlife, the world of the dead.

It has been widely believed and accepted that apparitions are really spirits of the deceased.

 In spite of all the detractors, many people have believed in Spiritualism as a very profound intent  on contacting the world of the dead.

 Francisco I. Madero
Mexico's President from 1911 to 1913.

Harry Houdini
Master magician and escape artist.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Author and creator of Sherlock Holmes (one of the most famous detectives of all time).

They all believed in spiritualism and the eventual contact with the spirit world.
But let's not loose the BIG picture. Why do this "afterlife" tradition says revenants do appear?

 A cry for help and justice...

To inform they are well...

Even though all these different scenarios are indeed viable and possible, I've found something more.

No matter how much this phenomena might be related to life after death, the truth of the matter is more complex.

What if the afterlife is not the only viable explanation as their origin?


There are spirits or beings whose natural habitat is  not this "material" world.

Other entities can affect our physical reality.

There are also dark anecdotes of shamans appearing like phantoms when it was evident and very well known  that the sorcerer was completely alive and kicking.

They can materialize as different beings with their energy body and affect matter, energy, space and time. Just by their power and level of energy and awareness.

Another strong possibility I have found is the one that pertains to all human adventurers who venture into the unknown.

An astral voyager can be easily misled with a spirit when in fact it could be someone who accomplished an OBE (Out of Body Experience) successfully.

To make things even more strange I realized that sometimes what appears to be a vision is just the effect of a time slip or space/time distortion. Here two  different realities and/or times mix up.

 Depending on the time slip level, you can see someone appear and disappear.

This way I have learned to see apparitions as a natural manifestation of the holographic nature of the universe.

After all, aren't phantoms like holographic appearances?



Have you ever considered becoming a ghost hunter?

Do you dare visiting haunted places?

Maybe you could intend contact through Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP).

Or through dowsing.

Or you can even try using the help of a medium.

These are some ways to contact THE OTHER SIDE.

One thing is for sure...Eleanor Jourdain and Charlotte Anne Moberly made CONTACT.

 So…is Versailles really haunted?

It could very well have been a  time slip manifestation.

On an energetic and awareness level everything just coincided and the ladies were just in the right place at the right time, only unaware of all the frequencies that conspired to make that fabulous experience possible.

What about real ghost stories?

Remember...when we talk about apparitions, it is really about awareness fathoming the secrets underlying matter, energy, space and time.

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