What is the true scope of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)?

I consider myself very fortunate of getting to know EVP.

Our generations have a chance our ancestors didn't even imagine.

In fact all the scenarios I will mention gave me some kind of clues. But we'll get to that at a latter point.

Clue # 1

 Dante's Divina Commedia...

It tried to give us a glimpse of how it could be contacting the dead.
Clue # 2

 Artist's dreamed of what would happen to the deceased.
Clue # 3

The ouija board...

Considered by many a way to open doors to contact the world of spirits.

Clue # 4

 Spiritualism also has tried vehemently to establish contact.
Clue # 5

Magic has the reputation of helping the initiate invoking spirits.
Clue # 6

 Even Illusionism has played a part with our fantasies...

  And the limits of what we can perceive or not.

Remember this ball of light.
It holds an important clue.

Clue # 7

 Great minds like Edison tried for years to find a way.

 “If our personality survives, then it is strictly logical or scientific to assume that it retains memory, intellect, other faculties, and knowledge that we acquire on this Earth...

Therefore ... if we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument, when made available, ought to record something.”

-Thomas A. Edison


There is this story (which impressed me a lot since childhood) about a woman whose son had recently died.

This story opened the door to me for the first time to the real possibility of contact with the afterlife.

Soon after the decease the woman received a phone call, upon answering she was surprised by what she heard at the other extreme of the phone line:

“Mom, I was given only permission to let you know I’m fine.” 

Cases like this can be found in Oscar d’Argonell’s Voices from Beyond by Telephone (1925), corroborated  accounts of alleged telephone conversations with spirit friends.

What was my surprise when many years later I found out that not only telephones can serve as doors...

Here is one of the biggest clues.

There is one channel.

Where everything is possible...


Have you ever really wondered how the appearance of electronics changed man’s life?

To me, technology has opened a door.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon or electronic voice phenomena (EVP) refers to voices that are detected on a variety of electronic media or devices.

Strangely enough, these voices can’t be heard in the environment at the time they are recorded; it is only when the recordings are played back that the voices can be heard.

In July 1959 swedish film maker Friedrich Jürgenson went into the woods to record bird songs.

On playback he discovered unusual voices.

Of the hundreds of recordings made, he assured having got his mother’s voice, using a reel-to-reel tape  recorder. His mother had been dead four years.

After four years (1963) of experimental recording, he announced the world his discovery, and went on to publish in 1964 his book Voices from Space.

In 1964, latvian psychologist Konstantin Raudive read a book that changed the course of his life, Voices from Space.

Raudive was so impressed by it that arranged a meeting with Jurgensson in 1965.

Raudive and Jurgenson then joined forces making over 100,000 recordings of what they believed to be communications with discarnate people.

According to Raudive, one night he was able to record something he could recognize: a number of voices.

Since he was a polyglot, he understood the last voice on the tape, a woman’s voice that said:

“Va dormir, Margarete” (“Go to sleep, Margaret”).

Raudive later wrote:"These words made a deep impression on me, as Margarete Petrautzki had died recently, and her illness and death had greatly affected me."

In 1968 Raudive publishes The Inaudible becomes Audible, his first research on the voice phenomenon, based on 72,000 voices he recorded (these were referred as Raudive Voices).

In 1971 Colyn Smythe is handed a copy of Raudive’s book and after experimenting manages to record the voice of one of the company’s Directors, who had died some time before.

They decide to translate and publish the book in UK, renaming it:

Although Jürgenson is regarded as the ‘father’, Colyn Smythe is recognized as the one who coined the term EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).

 There is a band of frequency...

  Where realities merge...

Where dimensions connect...

Technology can give us a chance.

(Instrumental Transcommunication)

The term ITC, coined by German Professor Ernst Senkowski (in the 1970’s), has a wider range of possibilities to explore the alleged communication with the “spirit world”.

A famous alleged ITC experience was that of Electronic Voice Phenomenon partisan Friedrich Jurgensson, when an image of himself appeared on a Jürgenson’s colleague TV (which had purposefully tuned to a vacant channel) the day Jürgenson’s funeral was held.

Here I found something really interesting. The reports of these voices involve every available technology or  instrument capable of supporting human voice.

Potentially...all these tools can help you experience Electronic Voice Phenomenon.


In general, the voices have been typically recorded with the following characteristics:

-Short utterances of just a few words.

-Often respond to questions and comments.

-Can ask questions of their own.

-Have accents.

-Show strong emotion.

-Sometimes address researchers by name.

At present time, there are thousands (if not more) of voices documented.

After all, these instruments can register and express subtler frequencies.

 A vast universe of possibilities can be explored.

 William O'Neil with SPIRICOM.

Technology can be a wonderful tool, helping us tune in frequencies that are normally beyond the normal specter of perception.

I guess technology will never cease to surprise us.

A cousin of mine told me one day a very thought provoking story...

Her dad (my uncle) had been dead for some time, not more than a year.

One day the family decided to change my uncle's car and trade it with the car company for a new one.

What was the surprise when upon receiving the new model and on their way back home on the car's stereo appeared the word "James Bond".

Obviously there was no logical reason for that word to appear on the electronic device, and of course when the family asked later to the car company's salesman for a clue he never could find an explanation.

The curious thing is that my uncle liked to be called James Bond!

Then one day something happened to me...

I guess I tuned in another band of frequency the moment I realized something that at that moment supposed a monumental breakthrough in my life.

What if one could go beyond technology?

What if one could go beyond Electronic Voice Phenomenon and ITC?


What if you could perceive more?

  Do you believe in the kind of scenarios represented in this classic film?

This kind of scenarios are actually possible.

I know someone who really has the ability to take photographs like this.

If he perceives an entity near you then he can take pictures of both you and the spirit.

But the fact of the matter is that almost every time we are coexisting with spirits, only that we are unaware of that possibility.

To such extent that when someone accidentally perceives more, they get scared.

Many real ghost stories come into existence from these kind of scenarios.

Nevertheless there are some courageous souls who really seek contact.

And you don't really need to explore Electronic Voice Phenomenon as such.

You need to explore frequencies.

(Beyond Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

Karl Pribram

His field was Neuroscience and is considered the father of the holographic concept of the universe.

Pribram said we live in a frequencies universe.

I've come to believe that every aspect of life has its own frequency level; so, in that sense, all is a matter of tuning frequencies in order to access (or get in tune with) certain kind of experiences.

Try this frame of mind...

The moment you accomplish something, you have tuned in a certain frequency or band of frequencies regarding your goal.

The moment you fail at something, you were not able to tune the band or frequency you intended.


 Frequencies act as keys.

So every time an Electronic Voice Phenomenon or ITC is recorded, that meant a certain band or frequency was tuned in, hence a door opens and a bridge appears where there was before only a gap between 2 worlds.

I think the phenomena recorded as Electronic Voice Phenomenon or ITC may not necessarily be from an afterlife world; sometimes it may, but not necessarily always.

So, what do we hear or where do the voices come from when recorded?

What I believe is that Electronic Voice Phenomenon/ITC phenomena may be indeed from another dimension, being the afterlife world just one dimension from an almost infinite spectrum of worlds or dimensions.

There may be virtually infinite worlds/dimensions as frequencies can exist.

It can be, of course, from a deceased person on the afterlife.

   But may it be a double of someone in a parallel world?

  An astral projector?

Or even a glimpse of another time...

Who knows?

It may be almost impossible to affirm, unless a true affirmation of the voice confirms it.

And there is something better to that end.

Something, in my humble opinion, much more promising at the end of the road.

If we truly develop the real and maximum technology that we all have at our fingertips and have inherited as a birthright.


Start developing all those untapped frequencies connected to your brain!

The human body has been proved to be a complex machinery and mechanism of perception.

 The brain, has been demonstrated to help the body practically adapt to all the frequencies it comes in touch with. If it doesn’t adapt, the body dies.

 The majority of human beings have not yet developed the body to the level of the psychics, mediums, seers or mystic personalities.

The mediums are a perfect example of the inherent capacity of the human body to serve as an instrument capable of channeling frequencies.

After all, the human body needs electric phenomena to function, isn’t it?

But, although the human organism is a tool that can tune frequencies, and while we develop the ability of a seer, we still need another tools.

I repeat...while we evolve our own personal technology (nervous system), we will have to depend on external apparatus and technology (Electronic Voice Phenomenon/ITC) to be able to bridge the gap between the frequencies that enable CONTACT.

Nevertheless the fact remains, a frequency can be tuned, hence communication and a new reality becomes possible.

 What Reality do you align?

Schrodinger's cat equation...

Where awareness has the last word.

Dead or Alive?

Light or Darkness?

Can I perceive other realities or not?

Can I perceive other entities or not?

Do you remember the clues at the beginning?

 With Virgil´s aid, Dante aligned the frequency of the world of the dead.

 Near-death experiences relate to being on the verge of changing frequencies and worlds.

The ouija game plan is that of tuning another frequencies.

Just as the seances.

Where participants tune frequencies at will.

And talking about that...

Apparently electronics genius Nikola Tesla could create the Spirit Phone, with which he allegedly received some strange signals.

"My first observations positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in my laboratory at night."

- Nikola Tesla 1901

"The sounds I am listening to every night at first appear to be human voices conversing back and forth in a language I cannot understand. I find it difficult to imagine that I am actually hearing real voices from people not of this planet. There must be a more simple explanation that has so far eluded me."

- Nikola Tesla 1918

Do you remember the ball of energy from The Illusionist?

Here is Tesla with a ball of energy...

Perception manipulation has a lot to do with energy and frequencies handling.

 Just as meditation.

Which works out your nervous system and open the doors of perception.

What if you suddenly started to perceive scenarios like this without any kind of Electronic Voice Phenomenon or ITC?

 Look for the third eye!


Expand your awareness!

 Work out your nervous system and its ability to handle more energy (and electricity)!

And make it more capable of tuning subtler kind of frequencies!

And who knows?

  Maybe you will start doing what Electronic Voice Phenomenon and ITC barely promises...

  Recover your ability to contact the world of the deceased...

  And beyond.

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