Is it possible to go beyond energy?

Have you ever wondered what is really energy?

Fortunately enough, I did.

 I had a very limited awareness about energy.

I  used to underestimate its real power.

I was trapped.

I never even considered the chance to go beyond energy existed at all.

Until I had my lucky brake.

 I had enough energy to pay attention...

 I had enough energy to keep on wondering...
even though I couldn't understand.

Until Heaven helped me again.

I had enough energy to understand Einstein's equation...

"Concerning matter, we have been all wrong.

What we have called matter is energy,
whose vibration has been so lowered
as to be perceptible to the senses.

There is no matter."

- Einstein

Then and there, Einstein's words gave me another lucky break...a quantum leap of awareness.

Then and there, my mind opened.

Was I somehow starting to unconsciously go beyond energy?

Theory of relativity opened the door to a whole universe of possibilities.

Energy was not what I believed.

I had then, once more, enough energy to ask:

What is really energy?

Energy had more secrets to be discovered.

So Providence came to my aid one more time.

Energy opened its doors.

And I had the first conscious chance to go beyond energy.


On my quest to unravel the mystery of energy I found some interesting things.

Different states of energy

How energy and matter relate.

If we learn to see with other eyes,

we can see instead of matter models...
energy behaviors that result in matter structures.

How energy evolves.

Here we can see the role and effect of energy on matter transformation.

Here I was starting to have a deeper understanding of energy. I realized that the relationship between matter and energy was not really a relationship.

Matter/Energy is a unit...a continuum, just like Einstein's space/time continuum.

I learned that on a continuum one can not alter one of its elements without affecting the other.

This way it made all more sense about energy affecting and manipulating matter.

What I found revealing was that this realization helped me see with new eyes the Chinese yin yang.

I had never considered it as a continuum!

Yin Yang continuum

We can not affect yin without altering yang...
and vice versa.

This made me put my attention on traditional Chinese medicine, where life and death depended not only on yin yang balance but also on chi (Chinese term for life force) flowing through the body.


Kirlian photography

 Body's energy field related to chi or life force.

 Kirlian photography

Aura surrounding a hand.

We are not just crude matter.

 Kirlian photography

All is energy.

Energy was not just plain and simple energy.

Energy was not what I thought.

Energy was starting to reveal itself as something else.

Wilhelm Reich,
Discoverer of Orgone energy.

"I am well aware of the fact that the human race has known

about the existence of a universal energy related to life for many ages.

However the basic task of natural science consisted in making this energy usable.

This is the sole difference between my work and all preceding knowledge."

Wilhelm Reich, 1956, in a letter.

Reich found out how negative energy could be transmuted into positive...

And affect human's energy field and body.

With Orgone energy human's energy field and life force gets stronger.

Without Orgone energy human's energy field and life force gets weaker.

Chinese strong chi (life force)promotes health.

Chinese weak chi (life force) promotes sickness and/or death.

 If you believe in vampires...

These creatures get a stronger energy field and more alive through sucking the life force contained on the victims blood.

The victim loses energy (life force).

Little by little it was all starting to make sense.

I was starting to realize something powerful.

A new continuum...the energy/life continuum!

I could never manipulate energy without altering life.

I could never change my life without altering energy.

And there were, apparently and so far, only two elements to manipulate:


Quality (negative-yin/positive-yang)

I had then, once more, enough energy to ask:

What if Energy had more secrets to be discovered?

What if there was some other unknown element besides quantity and quality?


What is really energy?

So the universe came to my rescue once again...

And Energy opened even more its doors...

I was on the verge of discovering a more profound continuum.


How did I start on my new path toward a new understanding of energy?
Once again Mr. Einstein gave me a clue.

Einstein guided my attention towards a new direction.

He introduced me to a great mind.

Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla

 Considered by many the man who invented the 20th century.

He developed very advanced technology for his time.

Mr. Tesla tried to unravel the secrets of electromagnetic forces.

This great mind worked all his life trying to help the world learn to harness free energy.

Only a master could harness such power and be relaxed about it.

He could go beyond energy.

Nikola Tesla holding in his hands balls of flame.

He even said wanting to create before dying a device that could be used using only the energy from around.

Just as Einstein, Tesla guided my attention in a whole new direction.

Our relationship with energy and the universe...

And that it is indeed possible to harness its power to levels I hadn't expected before.

"Matter is energy...
energy is light...

We are all light beings."

- Einstein

Without a doubt Einstein and Tesla taught me to think different about the universe.

And by happy chance, I have had enough energy to pay attention.

Since I have wanted all my life to understand the universe I couldn't help but remember a film that changed my life.


Because it reveals one of the greatest secrets of the Universe, providing we have enough energy to grasp it.


Talking about harnessing the power of the universe...

It may sound exaggerated, but the famous film The Empire Strikes Back shifted my perception of reality on this subject.

Do you remember the Force?

Do you remember Master Yoda?

What about Luke Skywalker and the legendary Jedi Knights?

Master Yoda

"Size matters not. Look at me.

Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm

And well you should not...

 For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.

Life creates it, makes it grow.

Its energy surrounds us and binds us.

Luminous beings we are...not this crude matter.

 You must feel the Force around you;
here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes.

Even between the land and the ship."

Yoda to Luke Skywalker

On Luke's mythological training to become a Jedi Knight.

Luke Skywalker learning to harness, control and command the Force.

The Emperor...
(On The Return of the Jedi)

Manipulating the Dark side of the Force

The manipulation and balance of the Force, where everything (the balance in the universe) depended on it. It was the legendary battle between light and darkness.

So what does this legendary saga has taught me?



Everything IS interconnected.

What Reality do you align?

Schrodinger's cat equation...

Where awareness has the last word.

 Dead or Alive?
Light or Darkness?
Positive or Negative?

In proportion to awareness of can be manipulated...matter adapts...Reality aligns.

In proportion to awareness can be manipulated...matter adapts...Reality aligns.


So when we talk about the mystery of energy (and the mastery of going beyond energy), we are really approaching the secrets underlying consciousness and awareness.

I am grateful for the gift of awareness.

I am thankful for the gift of energy.

Without them I never would have had the opportunity to see this far, and have the chance to have the chance to answer the question: What is really energy?

What is really going beyond energy?

I see energy as something ALIVE...AWARE.

Energy is our ultimate ally...waiting to fulfill the command of awareness. Like the magicians, who command the forces of the universe to accomplish miraculous feats.

After all, what does master magicians manipulate?


Magicians TRANSFORM according to their WILL.

cannot be created or destroyed,
it can only be changed
from one form
to another"


Magicians can defy reality.

Magicians can face off evil curses.

Magicians can go beyond energy.


Every energy level has the potential to be a prison.

An energy level equals a corresponding frequency level.

This way,  frequencies  are a prison.

A prison for awareness.

Awareness can escape certain realities changing their respective bands of frequency.

Awareness can align and perceive (and explore) certain realities adjusting their respective frequencies.


"Everything is energy
and that's all there is to it.
Match the frequency of the reality you want
and you cannot help but get that reality.

It can be no other way.
This is not philosophy.
This is physics."


Magicians CHANGE REALITIES through handling energy (CHANGING FREQUENCIES and VIBRATIONS) in accord to their INTENTION.

You are a magician (master of energy) if you go beyond energy.

You are a magician (master of awareness) when you manipulate matter and align realities according to your attention.

Energy IS Attention.


Energy can be manipulated in proportion to awareness manipulation.

Awareness can be manipulated in proportion to energy manipulation.



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