Evil curses used to scare me a lot.

And I would feel completely powerless against them.

As if I were under the spell of luck.

I have always been fascinated with the apparent forces of life and death.

This was not just a horror movie.
It was an actual book and research.

An apparent true account of Dr. Wade Davis's contact with the world of Voodoo and zombies.

I started wondering...

Was all these in the realm of evil curses?

It all seemed so mystic and mysterious.

Like the legendary “Pharaoh’s curse”.

Supposedly there was a strange inscription found on King Tutankhamen's tomb:
"Death comes on wings to he who enters the tomb of a pharaoh"

By 1929, eleven people connected to the tomb’s discovery died under strange and odd circumstances.

What do you think?

Although many skeptics can argue with the possibility of bad luck, I have considered a theory that makes sense to me.

So evil curses now didn't appear so inevitable.

But before I can share my conclusions here are some famous cases I considered...

On March 18, 1314, Jacques de Molay, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar was burned at the stake.

All this after seven years of "witch hunt", where the order finally succumbed against the oppressors, Pope Clement V and King Philip IV.

According to legend, Molay’s last words before burning to death were a curse against his tyrants, that they both “will die themselves within a year”.

They did.

It is said that Rasputin, also named The Mad Monk or The Black Monk, had mumbled a curse against the ruling monarchs of the zarist government, the Romanovs.

The curse said that they all would die.

The Russian revolution started on 1917, a few months after Rasputin’s dead.

The Romanov family was executed on July 1918.

Movie star legend James Dean was driving his silver Porsche 550 Spyder called “Little Bastard” when he crashed head on into another vehicle.

The film icon died in the accident.

After the tragedy, whoever got in touch with the car's spare parts  that survived had some kind of accident or also died.

Babe Ruth played for the Boston red Sox, until he was traded to the New York Yankees in 1920. The Yankees never had won a World Series, so they hoped Babe Ruth would change their luck.

It did.

The curse started when the Red Sox never won again the World Series after the trade, until 2004.

A curious fact about the end of the curse: during the winning game a total lunar eclipse occurred.

The most astonishing thing about it: the win was against the New York Yankees.

The Hope diamond, has been surrounded by myth, legend and  superstition.

This seeming curse dates back as far as 1642, when a man named Tavernier stole the diamond while traveling through India.

Tavernier took the large blue diamond from Sita’s face, the statue of a Hindu goddess.

The anecdote says the man eventually sold the diamond and, while on a trip to Russia, died torn apart by wild dogs. Myth believes this  was the product of such transgression.

After that, legend says that many of the different owners had  suffered some kind of "bad luck" after getting in touch with it.

History recognizes King Louis XVI as the diamond’s most famous owner.

It is well known how he and his wife, Queen Marie Antoinette, ended their life: decapitated.

Found in Sweden, dated back as far as the 6th century AD, this is one of a group of rune stones.

A strange inscription is found on the Björketorp stone:

I, master of the runes (?) conceal here runes of power. Incessantly (plagued by) maleficence, (doomed to) insidious death (is) he who breaks this (monument). I prophesy destruction / prophecy of destruction.

According to legend, the curse was tested and proved to be real.

What are your thoughts on all these cases?

Is there some kind of truth in these?

Without a doubt, to a greatly imaginative mind all this scenarios may appear dark, sinister, and without escape.

Specially if someone sends a curse to us, or if we get in touch with the wrong place or object.

We would be DOOMED!

But, just in case, there may be a WAY OUT.

Since all this cases may pertain to the realm of folk tale, at the same time I remembered a modern saga...a myth of our time.

And there I considered a clue to my UNDERSTANDING of what may be behind a curse.


Although the Star Wars saga pertains to the realm of science-fiction, its profound symbolism can still be considered as part of its legacy. 

Some clues I felt compelled to consider...

Master Yoda and the Emperor...

They both handled the Force...

The Light and the Dark Side.

 The eternal battle between good and evil.

In The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader had more power than Luke Skywalker.

And even though he was still training as a Jedi Knight...

The Force was not as strong in him...

Definitely he did not have enough power to convert his nemesis to the Light Side.

But he still had enough strength not to succumb to the Dark Side (evil).

On The Return of the Jedi, Luke had evolved as a Jedi knight.

The Force was now strong in him.

Now he had enough power to counterbalance Darth Vader.

But not enough to cancel out the Emperor.

But by that moment Darth Vader had been converted and returned to the Light. He finally joined forces with Luke to defeat the Emperor.

It took the power of two versus one to achieve balance in the Force.

Always remember this clue.

It is a vital element against evil curses.

But all this still is science-fiction and modern mythology...you might say.

But what if not at all?


Many years ago a very interesting possibility crossed my path...

Energy IS Attention.

Then I realized this has a very intimate connection with Awareness.

I’m sure you must have experienced a high sense of alertness (awareness) accompanied by high energy.

Or viceversa…

You feel exhausted until a moment comes that lifting a piece of paper transforms into a monumental task.


Energy saves you.

Lack of it condemns you.

What did I understand?

If you must beware of evil curses, then I suggest that you work on evolving consciousness and awareness...

And learn about energy...or the Force.

 Nikola Tesla learned how to handle energy (or the Force).

Because he believed in our energetic nature.

As you develop this kind of consciousness in your life, chances are that you can move into higher frequencies.

Life grows with higher energy and frequencies.

Survival and immortality follow.

Life diminishes with less energy and lower frequencies.

Collapse and death follow.

 No frequency equals linearity, and this equals death.

No coincidence that in this yin yang symbol there is no any straight line. On the contrary, this geometry just reflects movement.

Like frequency wavelengths.

They both represent movement and life.

All is a battle of polarities, positive versus negative.

All is a battle of frequencies, higher versus lower.

One important aspect I learned about this eternal battle is that the predominant frequency power converts the other polarity in its surroundings.

 If you have 70 % of positive frequency power...and confront 30 % of negative frequency power, you're safe. 

You end converting the negative into positive.

This is how sometimes faith healing works.

And viceversa...

If you have 49 % positive frequency power and then get in touch with three people with a total of 51% negative frequency power between them all , guess the result...

You can begin to feel uneasy and bad, and maybe can get sick, because the 49 % can’t stand the 51%, ending in a conversion from positive to negative.

In a very SIMPLISTIC way, this is what may be behind evil curses.

Depending on the dominant energy and frequency, you will attract the  proportional circumstances?

So how do I understand this thought applied to evil curses?

Let's suppose you are unaware of the energetic reality...

Then imagine you get in touch with a negative polarity frequency.

If you (at that particular moment) don't have enough positive energy to counteract or convert the polarity you had just get in touch with, then you unconsciously match the negative frequency.

And as Einstein said, "you can not help but get that reality". In other words, you can not help experience events aligned with a negative polarity or charge.

Of course, and as I said before, it can happen equally the other way around.

Remember...all is a battle of frequencies.

Only one must prevail.

 Stanford University Neurophysicist Karl Pribram (father of the  holographic concept of the universe) said...

"The essence of the whole universe is simply a frequency domain."

Or for all those who believe the universe is pure mathematics...

It is like a battle between two digits...the one and the zero.


It is like an energetic code, where the end result depends on what digit prevails...the one or the zero.

It is like an energetic blueprint.

A battle between two forces...those who promote life and those that establish death.

Once again, energy moves between two forces...

Light and shadow...

Day and night...

Above and below...

Apparently nothing escapes this duality pattern...

Rocks, like those on a valley desert, swedish runestones or egyptian tombs.

Metals, like those of money...and cars.

People, like the players of a baseball team and its fans, or even kings and popes.

Gemstones, like mineral art or curious jewelry.

Now I better understood evil curses...

You may get in touch with an object that has a very strong and powerful negative charge (acquired through attention/energy put by someone on the object, consciously or unconsciously).

If you don’t have enough awareness power (positive charge), you can succumb to a curse.

Do you remember that energy IS attention or that attention equals energy?

Do you remember the strange inscription found on King Tutankhamen's tomb?

What kind of energy/attention do you think this place was impregnated with?

The Boston Red Sox was impregnated with enough negative charge as to last decades.

Did the energy/attention caused by the fan's enormous frustration played a role?

James Dean's car was impregnated with negative charge, so it suffered an accident, and after that all the pieces were impregnated even more with negative charge.

Could the film star and his car were somehow the target of some kind of heavy negative energy/attention?

Jaques de Molay´s energy/attention impregnated his oppressors with very negative charge. So much that the "curse" even lasted for generations. No surprise since the Templars were known as keepers of many secrets. 

There is a great chance that among these were the energetic  principles we are talking about.

Rasputin, believed to be a faith healer, psychic, mystic, visionary, prophet and a man with special powers, achieved an enormous influence on the zarist government.

No wonder he could somehow know all these energetic principles. He could have had the power to imbue the Romanov family with very negative charge, as a by-product of his energy/attention.

The Hope diamond may very well could have been impregnated with negative charge as it passed through the energy/attention of different owners.

Why did it appear to have such a disastrous effect on the lives of some owners and no effect on others?

Do you remember the battle of frequencies?

The runestones could have been impregnated with negative charge.

Even the strange inscription revealed the unknown author's energy/attention and intention.

I am not assuring this energetic principle may be the sole factor and element as the cause for every "bad luck" in the cases mentioned before, but at least I believe it to have played a role in a major or minor scale.

All this made me wonder, how real could evil curses really be?

Luckily I found some other elements for thought.

How real is an hologram?

So evil curses are illusory?

More than that, does that mean evil curses are not definitive and irrevocable?

 I believe this great mind gave me this other hint.

Thanks, Einstein!

So we can change and transform polarities!

We all have that inherent power!

But how do we do that?

Once again, do you remember that energy IS attention?

And attention has to do with consciousness.


Jedi knights attention revolve around being aware of the Force...

And conscious of its magnetic power.

On which polarity is your attention and consciousness?

Become aware of the electrical currents that serve energy (the Force) to manifest...

And learn to use them...

Until it can be as simple as using a light switch.

 Nikola Tesla knew it!

"If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration."
-Nikola Tesla

Remember Tesla handling energy?

This image makes me remember the dualistic power we have in our hands (the light and the dark side of the Force).

Once we are completely aware of these two forces ruling our lives...

How can we start handling energy consciously?

We can start learning dowsing to transform polarities.

"Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence."
-Barbara Marciniak

What if we make our consciousness gravitate towards developing awareness?

Remember that attention IS energy?

Do you remember Schrödinger's cat?

Where consciousness and awareness choose between life and death,  light and darkness, positive and negative.

Who do you really think could have cursed Krishna, Mahoma or Buddha?

If you have all this positive charge with enough power (through consciousness and awareness), you could in theory neutralize the “cursed” object, or if you are really a very powerful being, you could even “HEAL” the object.

You could transform polarities.

You could transform evil curses.

Guess why Jesus of Nazareth (a man with a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF ENERGY/ATTENTION, CONSCIOUSNESS and AWARENESS) could HEAL anyone.

This man developed the power to transform death into life...evil curses into miracles.

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