The day I realized that one can go beyond time was a turning point in my life.

I used to believe in the traditional conception...
The one that keeps us prisoners of time...

I always wanted to understand the true mechanics of time.

What was my surprise when I discovered that it did not have anything to do with conventional wisdom.

This quote cracked my world view...

And put me on my way of discovering the fascinating world of Time relativity....

How come the same 30 days are not perceived equally...
Just by changing your location in space. (!)

The twin brothers paradox...

What a fascinating scenario and possibility. (!)

From the frame of the brother on earth, he was at rest while the brother travelled at high speed.

While according to his brother he was at rest in his frame and it was brother who sped away from him and then returned.

The closer that a spaceship will travel near the speed of light, the slower the time inside the ship will flow.

But as incredible as it may seem, the surprises were just beginning...


Some clues to the prophets and clairvoyance

Relativity had now made a crack on my perception of time...

But some events that crossed my path would push me forward towards a new perception of time.

The universe was showing me different ways how going beyond time is not only probable, but possible.



If you start to relax and relax (really relax)(while watching a watch) it will come a moment when you will see how time slows down, and vice versa.



Have you ever woke up by an alarm after sleeping and considered sleeping 5 more minutes?

The probability dictates that you will perceive those 5 minutes as if more time had elapsed.

And at the same time if there were someone awake by your side you could rest assured that that person would perceive those same 5 minutes as less time than you.



Once I had an experience I never thought possible.

I won’t get into details, but I will say that I was doing a sort of consciousness exercise with another partner, when suddenly TIME FROZE!!!

Everything around me stood still for a fraction of a second!

I was completely unguarded; the surprise was so great that I lost that perception and time suddenly started flowing again.



One day I was practicing some experiments regarding consciousness and time. My objective was being able to focus more my awareness in the NOW (present time).

I was in the middle of one exercise when suddenly an image appeared in front of my eyes.  So clear and all encompassing that I lost sight of the world around me for a fraction of time.

It was dark. It was night. A subtle yellowish light let me just perceive under my point of view a big beard and two feet wearing some boots.

I immediately knew it was ME, sitting in front of a fire, but on another time. It seemed that I was like a 49er in old nineteen century California's Gold rush. (!)




In Carlos Castaneda's book A Separate Reality I was impressed by one anecdote.

Don Juan and Carlos were resting in the shade of a large tree.

"You mentioned once", don Juan began, " that a friend of yours had said, when the two of you saw a leaf falling from the very top of a sycamore, that that same leaf will not fall again from that same sycamore ever in a whole eternity, remember?

Then don Juan continued telling him that if they looked at the other tree in front of them they may see a leaf falling from the very top. Then he signaled Carlos to look.

Carlos saw a leaf crack loose from the top of a tree and began falling to the ground; it hit other leaves and branches three times before it landed in the tall underbrush.

"Did you see it?", don Juan asked.


"You would say that the same leaf will never again fall from that same tree, true?"


"To the best of your understanding that is true. But that is only to the best of your understanding. Look again."

To Carlos' amazement he saw the same leaf falling again exactly the same way three more times, one after the other, just as if he was looking at an instant television replay.

He couldn't believe it and asked for an explanation.

Don Juan laughed but did not answer.




Carlos Castaneda's book The Wheel of Time made me reconsider the concept about time through the sorcerers eyes.


"For the shamans of ancient Mexico, time was something like a thought: a thought thought by something unrealizable in its magnitude.

The logical argument for them was that man, being part of that thought which was thought by forces inconceivable to his mentality, still retained a small percentage of that thought; a percentage which under certain circumstances of extraordinary discipline could be redeemed.

Space was, for those shamans, an abstract realm of activity. They called it infinity, and referred to it as the sum total of all the endeavors of living creatures. Space was, for them, more accessible, something almost down--to-earth.

It was as if they had a bigger percentage in the abstract formulation of space.

According to the versions given by don Juan, the shamans of ancient Mexico never regarded time and space as obscure abstracts the way we do. For them, both time and space, although incomprehensible in their formulations, were an integral part of man.

Those shamans had another cognitive unit called the wheel of time.

The way they explained the wheel of time was to say that time was like a tunnel of infinite length and width, a tunnel with reflective furrows.

Every furrow was infinite, and there were infinite numbers of them.

Living creatures were compulsorily made, by the force of life, to gaze into one furrow. To gaze into one furrow alone meant to be trapped by it, to live that furrow.

A warrior's final aim is to focus, through an act of profound discipline, his unwavering attention on the wheel of time in order to make it turn.

Warriors who have succeeded in turning the wheel of time can gaze into any furrow and draw from it whatever they desire.

To be free from the spellbinding force of gazing into only one of those furrows means that warriors can look in either direction: as time retreats or as it advances on them.

Viewed in this manner, the wheel of time is an overpowering influence which reaches through the lives of the warrior and beyond...

They seem to be strung together by a coil that has a life of its own. That coil, explained by the cognition of shamans, is the wheel of time."



One night, many years ago, I was watching tv. There was a movie about Jesus of Nazareth. When suddenly  something happened. I had a strange realization.

The scene that I was watching made me think:

"What if the scene I am seeing is happening RIGHT NOW?"

"What if Jesus of Nazareth is preaching RIGHT NOW?

The strange consideration was so shocking that after that I couldn't stop my mind. I imagined then that I was "seeing" the past, the time of Jesus. The thought was so incredible that then I fancied that the TV in front of me was a time window with different channels to tune in different moments in times.

The idea blew my mind.

Then the inevitable happened; thoughts and answers started coming in one after another.

"What if the past didn't disappear and got lost forever?"

"What if past and future were just an illusion?

"What if linear time were just an illusion?

 If that were so then ALL moments in time (past, present, future) would be happening NOW.

Only that our awareness is trained and conditioned to focus on one moment (past or present or future).

Just like all TV programs exist side-by-side at the same time;
and every character in every channel live their experiences in their NOW.

We choose what TV event we want our consciousness to focus on.

This way...

People from the "past" were living their NOW.

Human beings from the "future" were living their NOW.

And I, in my "apparent present", was living my NOW.

Was that ETERNITY? An ever present NOW?

Where past and future were just consciousness and awareness projections?

My final considerations?

Napoleon is fighting his Waterloo battle right NOW, only that I am not tuning in the channel to see through the window.

The year 2,100 is happening right NOW, only that my awareness can not find the conduit to receive it.

The point was that if I could tune in correctly then theoretically I could potentially see and perceive whatever moment in time I would want.

Jesus of Nazareth is preaching RIGHT NOW.

All these cases are some of the breaking points in my perception of time, and some of them gave me a clue as to what may be the secret of some individuals who really seem to have the power to go beyond time...

(Can they really go beyond time?)

What is the difference between false prophets...

And true prophets?

True prophets can really tune in channels that ordinary people can not.

These individuals have the power to focus their unwavering attention on the wheel of time...

In order to make it turn...

So they can gaze into any furrow...

And look in either direction: as time retreats or as it advances on them.

I have understood, true prophets have developed...


Time is awareness

Awareness vibrates


There is one story I would like to mention as a metaphor for how the process would work for prophets and clairvoyance.

One fortunate day, I was going from San Diego to Las Vegas by car. At some point a few miles from Las Vegas, but on the other side of the road the cars going to San Diego were starting to stop because of a traffic jam.

A few minutes after that and some miles ahead I just saw the cars going to San Diego driving through, unaware of what they were going to encounter.

Then I realized something. A curious thought crossed my mind...

"I know their future." (!)

(An example of space/time continuum interconnectedness)

At that moment I remembered the prophets and clairvoyants whose ability to see the future seem inhuman.

The hint for me in that case was...

My position on space gave me that advantage.

Of course the same could be said the other way around, they could knew my future.

So there was a clue; did the prophets of ancient times changed their position in space (their awareness, somehow), hence having a vision of the future?

These could be part of the mechanics of time.

The mechanics of space/time continuum are like gears...

In fact, a watch gives us time by gears mechanisms.

You can not move one part without moving the other.

And a gear is a toothed part of a wheel.

Do you remember the shamans of ancient Mexico and their wheel of time?

Very odd how the parts between each tooth seem like furrows. (!)

So I knew the shamans of ancient Mexico were onto something...

And they were seers...

And since they were profoundly interested in the mysteries of perception, my eyes were opened upon a deeper continuum and facet of time.

(The awareness/mechanics continuum)
(Or the mechanics to go beyond time?)

So prophets, seers and clairvoyants shift their attention and awareness (consciously or unconsciously) and the gearwheel automatically moves.

This cogwheel manipulation permits them to move these space wheel, hence moving automatically the wheel of time, perceiving this way another moment in the past, present or future.

Their control of space viewpoint lets them have a different temporal perspective.

But you may wonder, how do these seers control space context?

Mastering awareness context.

Awareness can go beyond space (like in the hallucinatory scenarios, where the witnesses' body stays in one place but the mind travels beyond).

Only that true seers don't need any kind of drugs or artificial means to command their consciousness.

But, have you ever wondered why awareness doesn't ordinarily perceive past, present and future at the same time?

 "The only reason for time
is so that everything
doesn't happen at once."
- Einstein

Or I would say (sorry Mr. Einstein)...

"so that everything doesn't be perceived at once."

So I was starting to grasp the connection between time and consciousness.

And something else...

 Time, DEFINITELY, was not linear...
(As our consciousness was taught to perceive it)

It seemed as if time and awareness were prone to follow not only some mechanistic laws but also some interesting hidden rules...


 Like the Fibonacci sequence or the golden proportion...

That is...sacred secret geometry found in all nature.

 And harmonic numeric sequences can be attached to this geometry...

This ancient science can lead us to numbers...

Which are primordial to time perception and manipulation in the western world.

But in other cultures the passage of time was recorded by cycles...

And a cycle could be considered a pattern...

Something that can repeat itself over and over again...

The pattern of eternity: NOW

I wondered…

Do patterns could play an important role in going beyond time?

I could not help it...

My realizations were starting to become somber...

And I didn't know it then, but I was about to get into the dark corners of time.


All this made me recall a very thought provoking book I was very fortunate to have the chance to read.

The Corner of Time

What was my surprise!

Time was seeming to reveal a new and mysterious face.

So revealing that even the author shared a very strange anecdote upon his discovery of an unexpected face of time.

He tells how some unknown man contacted him. He wanted a private meeting.

When they finally met in person this mysterious man asked him about his opinion on the Jews and how he had discovered that which the author had called "the corner of time".

The author responded that by accident, while doing research for an article on a 1987 financial crisis.

The man heard in silence, and after a while he said:

"Be careful."


"That you be careful. You have touched a very dangerous subject, and it is my duty to warn you."

"Are you threatening me?"

"Me?" - the man started laughing- "No, please, I am not threatening you. I don't want to threaten anyone, and I could not even if I wanted to.

But certain people, or if you wish, an organization, is anxious by your research. I have friends related to them, and they have let me know. I have found you through common friends to tell you."

Here ends the strange episode, but what was at least part of the discovery?

Why some unknown people didn't want all this to be known?

Schematic representation of the process of time reversal through a parabolic curve.

The arrows show the direction of the historic time.

On this example we can see how time apparently flows in two opposite directions...

And how certain events pertaining to each flowing direction are apparently disconnected...

When in fact they are intimately related (side by side) and are almost the same, only that in a different historical date or time...

For example...

On the left side (where the arrow goes up) we can see Newton and his theory on Gravity in 1687...

He could describe it but couldn´t explain it.

And on the opposite flowing side (the right side and the arrow going down) we can see Einstein and his theory on Relativity around 1905 and 1906.

And he could explain Gravity.

On this example time has reversed on an opposite direction and we can see virtually the same events (but disguised). (!)

The picture just above tells us the following...

On the left side (where the arrow goes up) we can see Morse and his Telegraph in 1837...

And on the opposite flowing side (the right side and the arrow going down) we can see Marconi and his wireless telegraph  around 1895.

And like these examples there are more, on wars, peace treaties, scientific and technological advances, etc.

History seems to follow certain recurrent and obscure patterns. (!)

So I began understanding that with these patterns man could easily go beyond time and predict the future more easily.

Once again...time was NOT linear.

Frequencies peaks and lows reminded me the author's bizarre uncovering of time behavior,
like if it were a big giant frequency...

Where historic events and wavelengths are prone to repeat itself.




A breaking point in my life was when I was on a bookstore and found "accidentally" a book that seemed strange and mysterious.

A few days later after discovering this book I found that the authors were going to give a seminar where I live in less than two weeks. And it was the first time they were visiting my country.

Curious how the universe, or the double (as you will see), works.

I came to believe that the double made me found this book.

But let me explain first, so you can understand.

The book tells about the doubling theory...

The time we perceive is not real time.

According to the author, the following is a scientific law:

Past, present and future are simultaneous realities occurring at different speeds. (!)

Do you remember the TV program case where I had a strange intuition while watching Jesus preaching? Was that insight a message from the double?

Who knows...maybe, as we will see.

Time was resulting just a matter of different frequencies (speeds). (!)

The time which appears to us continuous, is in reality a succession of perceptible times, separated by "imperceptible times".

These are "time openings".

It all happens so fast that it is unconscious to us.

Like films projected at 24 or more frames per second, where one frame passes too quickly to be noticed by human perception.

But what is the purpose of this discontinuity of time perception?

To obtain continual information within the time openings or imperceptible instants. 

Just like subliminal advertising.

So, this doubling of time involves the doubling of the perception of time.

An observer can unfold in two different times at the same time.

Such a form of unfolding requires a shift as fast as light to make him change times.

It is clear that our physical body does not allow us to travel at the speed of light.

Then who can travel at such super luminous speeds?

The observer (the "I"), has at his disposal an energetic body capable of going to look for information within other spaces and other times and bringing it back.

(Definitely, all these unfoldings are a way to go beyond time)

This is the double.

We all have a double which we can contact every time we sleep.

We tell him our problems before falling asleep so he can go beyond time and access the future to find the best possible solution (the best possible future) among all the possible futures.

Although the author assures the double is not the astral or etheric body, he tells us that the double is truly another "I"...

An explorer...

The visible (physical) body explores the space in our time (at one speed or frequency).

The other (the double), totally imperceptible (at another -and faster- speed or frequency),
travels on different times of our doubling (or unfolding).

The double operates at another frequency (speed) and that is why it can access the futures.

Remember that the future is another frequency than the past and present.

The information the double brings back (after going beyond time) is a potential actualization...of the best possible future...

This information arrives to us disguised as intuition, instinct, foreknowledge, inspiration, presentiment, feeling, clairvoyance, hunch, penetration, presentiment, discernment and foresight.

That's exactly how I got my book about the double and the time openings... (!)

I had the instinct to read it. (!)

I had the feeling to go to the seminar. (!)

Don´t you think all these reactions are a way to go beyond time?

There is science behind these stuff.

Difficult to grasp but definitely worth it knowing and exploring.



Here I couldn't help but remember...

The Schrodinger's cat dilemma...

Where the awareness factor has the last word.


Castaneda says that sorcerers develop their double, their energetic counterpart, to operate in dreams consciously and at will.

This is a lifetime training.

The first steps are in the art of dreaming.

Additionally, one easy step is to find your hands in dreams.

Once you do you can start to manipulate your attention and awareness.

Train awareness...

See your double's hands.

The days I have had the energy to see consciously my hands in dreams I have experienced tremendous shifts in awareness. Worth trying.

Another way to wake up in dreams (and try to go beyond time) is developing OBE's (Out of Body Experiences)(also worth trying).

But what does it all have to do with time?


This may be worth it because I believe you can definitely go beyond time in dreams.

Sometimes I can do it.

For me there is a place of power, in dreams, that serves me as a door to go beyond time.

Every time I dream something there, it happens.

In dreams, clairvoyance is accessible for me.

Train awareness...

In the physical world you can train with zener cards.

They help you develop and train your awareness to perceive beyond your physical senses...

Be it beyond time or beyond space.

Something interesting about developing awareness is that in the end you finish training brain waves...

And these have all to do with frequencies behavior (again)...

And these have all to do with time.

Check this out:

Low frequencies represent a certain pattern...a certain code.

High frequencies represent another type of design...another conduct.

In the end we have a variety of pattern and code behaviors.

And talking about codes...

Do you remember the classic science-fiction film The Matrix?

(Science-fiction vs. Apparent Reality)

An obscure present (like Zion in the film) needs the best possible future...

And the best possible actualization.

Who can cause this effect?

Neo is the double of Thomas A. Anderson

The visible body (Thomas A. Anderson) stays "asleep" in the physical world...

While the double (Neo) acts in another frequency (The Matrix)...

Seeking the best possible future.

The double (Neo) is between two speeds (frequencies)...

Darkness (the unknown future)...and light (the known past).

Neo could know the future via Morpheus (mythological name for the god of dreams)...

And The Oracle (she clearly was beyond time and knew all the possible futures).

Neo avoiding bullets.

The double's (Neo) DIFFERENT AWARENESS of reality's space/time continuum...

Allows him to manipulate it at a DIFFERENT LEVEL.

Just like some strange character who appeared on a strange video...


Assuming this video is real...

What a masterful manipulation of the space/time continuum. (!)

This being clearly operated above and beyond time…and the mechanics of matter, energy and space as well.

So what is one of the clues to go beyond time...and time travel?

Awareness can be above the mechanics of matter, energy, space and time.

Beyond that...

Awareness creates matter, energy, space and time.

Time can be manipulated in proportion to awareness manipulation.

Awareness can be manipulated in proportion to time manipulation.

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