I believe physical time travel is possible.

And I believe to have found some interesting clues.

I have always been fascinated with it.

And The Terminator made it more somber...
But it was science fiction nevertheless.
Or so I thought...

I'll never forget the story I heard when I first knew about The Terminator.

I was in my cousins' house when a friend of them arrived with a movie in hand. Amazed he told us the movie in fact had been based on actual facts.

That there were true confidential records in the LA police department which told the story The Terminator was based on.

One of the most fascinating stories I've ever heard...

The warrior who came on a mission from the future...

To save the woman who would give birth to mankind's savior...

On the apocalyptic war to come against the machines.

I always wondered if the story was real. But just the thought that it might be was utterly fascinating.

Another story that blew my mind.

A book that changed my life.

About the USAF secret project where two officers were sent back in time to witness Jesus of Nazareth's last days.

Some say it was true...

Some say it was not...

I always wondered how would it feel to experience such kind of feat.

How would it feel to be part of all those unique beings who one way or another have the fortune to experience conscious time travel?


Have you heard about Kronos, the god of time?

They can explore and travel through time...consciously.

They somehow have a different awareness of time mechanics.

Even though this ad may not be true, my mind was hypnotized by the sole possibility that these fortunate beings could do it on purpose.

I always wondered what does it takes to do it on purpose?

I sincerely believe to have found some interesting clues, but before I have to share with you some of the stories that made me think and put me on an unexpected track...


I can't assure you the following stories are completely true.

Maybe they are not.

And maybe there will always be a debate regarding their truthfulness.

I know there are many stories like the ones I'm going to share with you. But I'll tell you the ones that somehow caught my attention and, true or not, pointed me in a very interesting direction.

Case 1

The woman in the car

Two men suddenly saw an old car ahead of them. When they passed by they saw a woman dressed like in the forties and she seemed confused and scared.

When they turned around to help her the car had mysteriously disappeared.
A car that was coming behind stopped where the two men were dumbfounded and told them he saw the old car suddenly disappear and vanish into thin air.

Apparently it all happened on this road...

Although this story is in the realm of mysterious disappearances it gave me a hint of a possible unconscious time travel.

Case 2

Sir Victor Goddard's Time Slip?

One day in 1935 Sir Victor Goddard was flying from Andover, England to Edinburgh. While on this flight he flew over a dilapidated airfield in Drem, Scotland.

Foliage had overtaken most of the area and cattle were at home. It was clear this place had long been abandoned.

Sir Victor had flown over a farm, and continued until he reached Edinburgh.
Some days later Sir Goddard made his way back to Andover and took the same route, which would lead him again over Drem.

Only that an odd storm crossed his path. It was a bizarre storm because apart from the high winds and heavy rain, the clouds were yellow.

He was losing control and tried to climb above the yellow clouds, which seemed to have no end. But his plane began falling. Fortunately, something unexpected happened...

The clouds had broken and he suddenly saw the ground again.

Then he saw the Drem airfield in the distance.

Approaching the airfield the storm suddenly vanished and the sky turned sunny and bright. Raining had stopped and everything was clear.

Only that he saw a monoplane unlike anything that existed in the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 1935.

The mechanics were wearing blue overalls, not brown like the RAF mechanics in 1935.

And to his knowledge, there were no yellow planes at that time, in 1935.

Once he passed over the airfield the bright sunshine had dissolved and the storm and the hard rain suddenly returned,  and the strange yellow clouds engulfed him again.

In the end he controlled the airplane and landed safely. He couldn't help but tell his friends but was met with skepticism.

Years later, in 1939, Sir Victor saw that the changes have become true.

The RAF had begun to paint their training planes yellow, the mechanics' overalls updated to blue, and a new monoplane like the one he witnessed in 1935 were part of the roster.

The airfield at Drem was under operation again.

He retold his story in his 1975 book Flight Towards Reality.

This story made me think about the strange weather behavior that Sir Victor encountered, and I couldn't help but remembering electromagnetic disturbances and feeling that I could be on the verge of a big clue.

Case 3

Sergei Panamarenko

On Kiev, Ukraine, April 23, 1958,  Sergei Panamarenko went out to take some pictures. Then something caught his attention in the sky, so he tried to take a picture of the strange object.

When he ended taking the picture he became disoriented. He realized then he was on another place. In the end and after some inquiry some policemen decided to take him to a psychiatrist.

Fragment of the video where Sergei Panamarenko is interviewed by psychologist Parlo Kutrikov in april 23, 2006.

One of the pictures found in Panamarenko's camera, taken on his original timeline, the 1950's.

The other picture of the strange object in the sky was revealed.

That photo apparently had been a crucial element on this Ukrainian's time travel.

At first I couldn't understand the relevance of such picture, but later it would become crucial for me, as you will see (and even if this story would be fake).

In the beginning I couldn't imagine how these kind of phenomena could have happened to the previous characters.

And as I said before, even if the stories aren't true they made me come across some intriguing leads.


CLUE # 1


I was told a strange story once.

An ex-girlfriend told me that when she was younger she had a teacher at school, who at one time revealed a private story to the classroom.

The teacher had told them how he had a friend who experienced something that only could pertain to the universe of the bizarre.

His friend had told him at one occasion how he decided to seek adventure climbing to the top of the famous Mexican volcano Popocateptl.


The horse...

A cabalistic ancient symbol.

This strange horse head shadow appears on certain moments throughout the year.

Product of a 40 year old research, the mysterious volcano is said to have been constructed from an antediluvian humanity.

At some point in his journey he suddenly found a big cave. It was ominous, but nevertheless he decided to explore the dark interior.

He explored the cave for some time, until he considered it was enough. It was time to continue on his journey.

After his climbing adventure to the Popocateptl ended he went back home.

What happened next could freeze anybody´s blood.

Once he got back he realized 10 years had passed by!

Even though this story sounds unbelievable I had to reconsider other strange kind of phenomena that have happened in this place...like strange formations, mysterious beings...

Strange weather formations...

Which come from unusual electromagnetic behavior.

The weather gives a clue on how energy behaves.

Did you know that UFOS are also intimately related with unusual weather and energetic behavior?

The Popocateptl has been the target of intense UFO activity.

Remember this point because it revealed to me as crucial regarding the actual possibility of time travel, as you will see.

Curious how things were starting to reveal...

All these pointed me towards another clue, because I started relating constant unusual energy behavior and mysterious phenomena.

And where do you think these kind of things happen the most?

CLUE # 2


Here I learned it is no coincidence how ancestral traditions connected their sacred practices with these special places.

In this book Don Juan introduces Carlos to the sorcerers of ancient Mexico's tradition via the impact of a power place.

These sorcerers were able of portentous feats of perception, where they were able to handle energy in such a way that they could move between parallel worlds with such ease as if they crossed doors.

Palenque and Chichen Itza in Mexico...

Special things can happen here.

There is no coincidence that in these sacred places reside the famous astronaut's lapid (Palenque) and we can witness (2 times each year) Kukulcan's descent (Chichen Itza).

A representation of how energy might flow through Earth, and how this flow crosses through power places in the planet.

As you can see, there are major and minor points where energy behaves in a very special manner.

You can bet that on the major points you could find the main archeological sites revered by mankind's ancient traditions.

The points where energy flow intersect are more powerful.
Doors can open more easily in these points.

So I wondered...

Is Popocateptl a power place?

If that is so then energy behaves different on the volcano than on ordinary places...

And if that is so then energetic doors or vortexes, to other spaces or times, are more prone to open under special circumstances.

Maybe that's why the teacher's friend lived such an astonishing experience on Popocateptl's cave.

But what may be the special circumstances?

Of course all this took me inevitably to what I consider a BIG clue.

I learned that energy behavior depends on...

The energy/awareness continuum

I've come to consider the energy/awareness continuum to be the fundamental element to accomplish time travel.

You know on a continuum it is impossible to affect one element without affecting the other.

Energy IS attention...

So I thought that if energy behavior depends on frequencies...

Then it was logical to me to conclude that awareness had to be  interconnected to the same forces.

Something interesting about developing awareness is that in the end you finish training brain waves...

And this helps you connect more with the rhythms of the  universe.

Then one day I learned the universe is pure awareness, so the macrocosm operates under the same principles.

Mayans pointed out December 21, 2012 as special...

And they are famous for having had a very special conception (awareness) of time.

So I learned that the energy/awareness continuum conditions everything...

And frequencies were a vital part of it all. They started revealing more secrets.

Frequencies have to do with numbers...

X or Y cycles per second determine the frequency...

In some way it is like the combination for a safe box or door, or anything that has to do with crossing a threshold...

You get the numeric combination (or frequency) and the door opens.

So awareness gets in a position to be transported to another reality...


Up to this point I was beginning to understand the possible mechanics of time travel. But what else was needed to complete the process to the point that not only awareness could perceive another time but actually be able to get there with the whole physical body?

This variable became crucial.

Less energy...just the mind travels.

More energy...the whole physical body travels.

Could that be so?

A movie I saw many years ago seemed to reaffirm my thoughts...

CLUE # 3

The Philadelphia Experiment

This film became imprinted in my mind and made my fascination grow even stronger.

More because it was based on apparent true events.

According to the film the USS Eldridge achieved accidental teleportation...

And time travel while seeking radar invisibility.

But what if it was really true?

Einstein with Navy officers.

Tesla handling an energy ball.

These two great minds were part of the project.

That means they believed that the space/time continuum could be manipulated as to make the ship invisible to the enemies' radars.

Could these two geniuses were wrong?

It is hard for me to think how these two great minds could have failed.

The generator in the ship.

It generated so much energy...

That it made it all possible.

And it put into play another crucial element...

CLUE # 4

The Power of Magnetism

I learned that energy alone gives one effect, but when the forces of magnetism come into play then we can expect a different effect.

In some sense, energy needs magnetism to maintain itself and being able to generate and create an effect.

And this is vital...electric currents make magnetic fields.

Earth's magnetic field lines are like those of a bar magnet.

Earth and battery's life can only be sustained while the forces of magnetism be present.

And Earth's weather is a byproduct of electromagnetic disturbances.

Human field behaves in a similar fashion.

On humans the effect is the life force not dispersing and keeping the body alive.

In some sense health and illness depends on electromagnetic disturbances.

UFOS have a similar field.

The effect on these artifacts is keeping the free energy flowing so it can function.

UFOS are known to cause electromagnetic disturbances.

And guess who created an UFO artifact, according to rumors?

The electronics and free energy genius Nikola Tesla.

So I understood magnetism helps energy's cohesion...

This way it won't get dispersed, hence letting it create a much more powerful effect.

Could this be the anatomy of time travel?

Imagine each circle is a magnetic field which can become a potential door or vortex ready to be opened...

If we just have the energy and the frequency combination.

CLUE # 5


I once read an interesting thought...

Doors are just inter dimensional wood portals. (!)

Then I had an interesting conclusion: that when you handle a door knob you are handling energy.

When you cross a door to another space, you have the chance to perceive and experiment time in a different way.

So here I started to relate time travel with energy handling.

And I started reaffirming my thoughts that there are energetic doors.

A vortex can be an energetic door.

Actual accounts of people who have experienced time slips and cases where someone has been on the verge of time travel have something in common:

 A whirlpool has been witnessed.

It made sense to me since the forces that pull you to the center act as magnetic or gravitational forces that promote world bonding.

Do you realize how the classic TV series The Time Tunnel used the tunnel as the center for electromagnetic forces (electromagnetic disturbances) to propel Dr. Douglas Phillips and Dr. Anthony Newman into adventure?

I couldn't help but keep wondering about time machines existence.

Could there really be some kind of technology that could make man's dream and fascination for time travel real?

Then and there, one very fortunate day I found something really thought provoking.

CLUE # 6

The Mysterious Apparatus

Although it must be under enough and careful experimentation and testing before arriving to a definite conclusion, this little piece of equipment made me reconsider so many things about time travel that it turned out to be a key element in finding some of the previous clues.

Created by Steven L. Gibbs.

Apparently creates a subtle but very powerful electromagnetic field...

Which can create an alteration in time perception...as to be on the verge of actual time travel.

But if it is done on a power place the effects can be more powerful as to actually make you time travel physically!

Used effectively, and under the right circumstances, this simple piece of technology has apparently the potential to affect energy in such a way as to being able to create a vortex or energetic door in your surrounding.

In some way, I thought again about electromagnetic disturbances.

If that is so, does that mean that we really could have in our hands a true chance to become time explorers?


This eternal question made me remember an interesting theory that involves some kind of subtle time travel. So subtle that it happens on an unconscious level.

The Double

It states that we all have a Double which we can contact every time we sleep.

We tell him our problems before falling asleep...

So he can find the best possible solution (from accessing the best possible future) among all the possible futures.

Although the author assures The Double is not the astral or etheric body, he tells us that the double is truly another "I"...

It was inevitable.

I couldn't help remembering the ancient art of dreaming from the sorcerers of ancient Mexico.

The Art of Dreaming

I remembered the ancient Toltecs from Carlos Castaneda's tradition, who had a secret knowledge of the universe.

Which according to Castaneda, left these figures in Tula's archeological site (a power place by the way), representing stalkers and dreamers.

And interestingly enough, ancient Toltec tradition trained awareness through dreaming.

A first step in the Toltec's art of dreaming is to find your hands in dreams.

This way you learn to align other realities because you will be learning to wake up in dreams.

Once you do you can start to manipulate perception and awareness.

Only that this simple but not so easy feat requires a lot of energy.

Remember that energy IS attention.

Save energy and try it...

This way you'll see how with enough energy you can start sustaining alignment of another reality, in this case dream reality (or who knows...maybe another time).

Castaneda says that sorcerers develop their double, their energetic counterpart, to become dreamers (as the true Toltecs) and operate in dreams consciously and at will.

This is a lifetime training. It requires so much discipline that it made me remember inevitably another ability worth developing and exploring.

(Out of Body Experiences)

I found out that OBE's or astral projection serve as another way of exploration and training awareness.

(Want to know more about "The Phase"?)

You can also try becoming aware of your hands...

 In order to train awareness and wake up in a parallel world...or another time.

And conscious OBE's can even make you contact other intelligent beings whose knowledge on time travel is such as to make it possible for you also.

But it all can also happen unconsciously.

For me there's a place of power in my dreams (a childhood's house), that serves me as a door to go beyond time.

Every time I dream something there, it happens in the physical world.

In dreams, time travel is possible for me.

But to master OBE's, training awareness and acting consciously on dreams is the challenge.

As it is to learn to handle energy.

Do you remember the energy/awareness continuum?


Up to this point I started considering seriously that time travel is really possible, and that we don't necessarily need any kind of time machine as we know it.

Because what if we already are equipped with our own personal time capsule?

Do you remember magnetic fields?

There is an energetic anatomy or constitution found in many ways in nature, called the Torus.

Here humans can be masters of his own personal energy/awareness and space/time continuum.

Once again electromagnetic disturbances, created by man.

The center from which we have more chances of handling energy is from the center, where our nervous system is.

Notice that the central nervous system (CNS) is where the brain is connected to.

And we can easily relate the brain and the CNS with electric impulses (energy) and awareness.

Another interesting thing about our center is that there we find our energetic centers or vortexes (most commonly known as Chakras by the Hindus).

Among these there is one where life force (most commonly known as chi by the Chinese) is guarded.

One of the curious things about Steven L. Gibbs's Hyperdimensional Resonator is that if you somehow apply it over the area around the heart and solar plexus center then the effect is much more powerful trying to accomplish time travel.

Something that caught my attention was...why do this particular energetic center or vortex and not another one?

This area inside the torus or luminous egg, as the ancient Toltecs called it, made me remember something crucial about their tradition.

According to the sorcerers of ancient Mexico, perception was assembled through the assemblage point or focal point.

I found compelling that this point would be in the same area as the heart or solar plexus inside the energetic constitution.

And all that is needed to accomplish feats of aligning the focal point to other realities (or other times as in time travel) is energy or personal power (as true sorcerers call it).

And curiously enough, and once again, is that according to these sorcerer's tradition personal power is accumulated in the same energetic center or vortex where Chi is.

And talking about the luminous egg...

Inside this luminous body or egg we can see several minor circles...

Which according to the Double theory, are in fact temporal apertures that open so fast that it may be impossible for our conscious to perceive.

But the Double moves on a frequency so high that he has the power to use these doors to seek the best possible future.

Then I realized something more...

According to the Double's theory, how are we supposed to receive the answer about our best possible future?

Through intuition and/or signs (which means being connected to perceive them).

And guess with which energetic center or vortex we relate intuition or being connected to?

The heart or solar plexus area!

Was that a coincidence?

This may be like a prison to us if we don't learn to master the energy/awareness continuum.

Maybe that's why time travel is apparently impossible.

But if we do master this force (energy/awareness), then many doors could be opened in front of us.

What sublime possibilities my thoughts have considered...

Just by keeping on asking...

And trying to connect the dots.

(Connect the dots)

So on one side brain waves...

On another side frequencies behavior...

All this conditions awareness...

And all these in turn condition energy and magnetism behavior...
(Some kind of electromagnetism disturbance)

All these in turn can create and open a new door or vortex...

I want to note here that although I believe this to apply to actual physical time travel, in dreaming you also put into play all the elements mentioned so far...but to a lesser degree.

The funny thing you can experience and may already know is that when you are on the verge of sleeping consciousness time seems to alter their mechanics.

It can go slower...

It can go faster...


Believe me...it happened to me.

So I couldn't ignore a theory.

Theory says all times coexist at the same time because according to some philosophies all that exists is the NOW.

In what NOW do you want your focal point to be?

In what NOW do you want your attention to focus?

So imagine just being able to choose the moment (or frequencies) in time that you want and moving the assemblage or focal point so dramatically as to accomplish the actual physical time travel.

Imagine that each clock has a particular and unique frequency code...

Which awareness can connect to...

So it can perceive and experience beyond.

 As in a safe box which permits the door to be opened...

With keys...

Consider that each key has a unique set of teeth.

And each set could be a unique frequency.

Can you see the similitude?

Or with numbers...

And access that particular time.

Remember that as in a safe box...time also needs numbers.

What if with enough personal power one could intend aligning perception to try to accomplish time travel but in a power place?

Power places are doors...

Is it really possible to cross that kind of threshold?



Do we really want to know the secret for time travel?

Fair enough the idea presented on the images above...

Master your energy/awareness continuum...

Vibrate at the highest frequency you can...

And receive your answer.

I can't help wondering...

Have I just found real clues?

Are they just a product of my imagination?

Whatever the case, I really feel they are worth exploring.

And who knows...maybe if you master the energy/awareness continuum sufficiently enough, only the universe may know what kind of surprises will await you.

Only that if you happen to discover some real truth, be prepared and don't be surprised if you suddenly happen to receive some dark visits.

(Men In Black)
Galaxy or Government defenders?

It may not be true, but there is this story that fascinated me.

About a man who could allegedly accomplished for a moment physical time travel. What was his surprise when he realized he was followed.

A man in black was behind his steps. (!)

Even through time!

Apparently this is the only picture of a man in black.

Governments may know this and much more for sure.

Not in vain they have their men in black...

What do they really protect?

Only UFOS?

The polemic picture taken by Sergei Panamarenko taken in April 23, 1958.

After which he suddenly found himself in April 23, 2006.
(After an electromagnetic disturbance caused by the UFO?)

I believe that no matter if the story and the picture are false, this picture is for me a true clue to actual time travel.

No coincidence UFOS are able to disappear instantly from any eyesight.

These artifacts generate such kind of energy that the electromagnetic field affects the surroundings, whether subtly or evidently.

Do you remember the energy/awareness continuum?

So awareness is affected.

In the apparent and theoretical case of  Sergei Panamarenko, he had a slip in awareness the moment his attention was on the eye of the camera.

His own personal time capsule was affected.

And his assemblage or focal point moved enough,  inadvertently and unconsciously, to actually assemble and experience another time.

Being the story true or not...

I believe this can happen to anyone.

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