I used to think that lost cities were just an obscure part of the past.

Or worlds only akin to the Indiana Jones saga.

And even though I had the luck to feel the magical power of Machu Picchu (Peru), I considered them to be just mythical places…or just crude archaeological sites.

But when The Castle in Chichen Itza (Mexico) was discovered, who would even imagine at that time that this ruin could hide a secret?

Like Kukulcan´s descent…

Which hides another secret.

But while I had the luck to witness this magical moment, I still had to experience an unforgettable adventure in Palenque (Mexico) to realize an astonishing possibility.

On that occasion, I wanted to see the famous astronaut´s stone, in Pakal's tomb…

Which resided inside the Temple of the Inscriptions.

What was my surprise when I arrived to the archaeological site and found out that the sacred tomb was closed indefinitely for reconstruction purposes.

At that moment the quest seemed impossible to me.

But in a very fortunate sequence of events I had the chance to hide inside the archaeological site, and after it closed, I could escape some guards (with the help of other guards) and have the magical chance to enter the Temple of the Inscriptions and walk the inviolable path into the sacred tomb…

And witness in the mysterious darkness and with a very soft light, the astronaut's stone.

After that I also had the chance to behold from the top of another temple (at around 3 am) something I'll never forget...

Some UFOS appeared behind the jungle, ascended and maneuvered among the stars, until some time later they returned to the place from where they arose, disappearing behind the jungle´s profound darkness.

Now the astronaut´s stone made more sense to me…

And even though I will never be able to abandon those UFOS from my mind, that same night´s darkness would overshadow for many years any chance I may have had trying to understand lost cities.

Now I know something curious happened…

It was as if my psyche had been experiencing a strange process, parallel to the uncovering of archaeological debris.

It was as if my mind were at the beginning under a ton of ruins…

Just as the Temple of Inscriptions after being discovered.

 Then becoming gradually uncovered…

Till my understanding could get a better picture.

Until some kind of daylight showed me a possible lead so I could be aware of the lost cities mystery.


What would you think if you knew some archaeologists found untouched ruins in their search for the Lost City of the Monkey God?

Is it true or just superstition?

I had come to a point where I had to really wonder if some legends were actually true?

What if there were real and profound otherworldly secrets hidden (like Palenque´s UFOS or Chichen Itza´s Kukulcan´s descent) in these fantastic realms?

What if this could be a real possibility and to such extent, that even governments try tenaciously to keep them hidden no matter what?

What better disguise than making us believe in them as pure folk tales?

Do you really believe in the lost city of Atlantis?

 Or Lemuria or Mu…

Or Hyperborea…

As I Shared with you, I think all these lost continents are put as a myth in order to make some secrets unknown.

I have even come to believe that there were even other unknown civilizations which perished and have been kept successfully as a secret.

There are still plenty of lost cities underwater.

Why are they not publicly known?

What kind of knowledge has been kept in the dark?

I realized that if it were not for our ancestors records, we would be completely lost…

Without hope to reclaim the lost wisdom that our ancestor´s tried to save for us.

What if that missing knowledge could be recovered through contacting lost cities?

I started asking myself this kind of questions, and little by little more pieces began to unfold and fit into a personal theory that had started rumbling in my mind.

What if the hollow earth theory were really true?

Or the lost city of Z.

And other lost cities, waiting to be discovered.

I remember how while I was hiding in Palenque's archaeological site, one of the guards told me that the known Mayan ruins were only the 25% of what had been discovered!

The 75% left was amidst the jungle.

They had been found, but had not been made known yet.

Imagine all the secrets hidden there…waiting to be revealed.

I have always wondered what may be of humankind if all these ancient mysteries were more accessible to the human race.

So many secrets, apparently lost unless we realize lost cities can still reveal us a knowledge with the power to change our lives.

A true treasure, if only we knew how to open the doors to these fabled lands.


Do you remember the story of Ali Baba and the forty thieves?

How do Ali Baba opened the secret cave to the secret treasure?

Open sesame…

And as you know, in some traditions it is believed that each and every letter has its equivalent numerical value.

So Open Sesame in reality could be translated into a numeric code.

 And this made me realize Ali Baba's cave could actually be like a safe box or secret vault.

You happen to know the numeric code, you open and have access to its secrets or treasures.

And the interesting part is that each number has a definite and unique vibration or frequency.

In other words, to me one of the clues to encounter and access lost cities and their secrets or treasures is to know their respective frequency code.


This could explain why some may truly have encountered this fantastic realms and why others not.

Like the legend of El Dorado.

Your passport or access code…

Is a certain frequency you must vibrate at.

Like a definite key code.
(If you observe, then you will realize that every key teeth serve as different frequencies)

So no matter where you explore…

Among the jungle…

Amid the ruins…


If you don’t align that secret frequency then these lost cities will simply be invisible to your senses.

Or as a best scenario you will only see ruins.

You know there are certain colors that can not be seen because they are vibrating at a certain frequency, but nevertheless they do exist.

The same principle applies to have the remote chance of contacting these visionary and dreamlike worlds.

I believe lost cities exist in parallel worlds and alternate realities…

There, mysteries and secrets reside, waiting to be discovered and shared…

But only to the eyes that can see…

But how could one have the opportunity to be in a position to witness and explore these apparent sacred realms?

Training brain waves...

This puts in play the awareness factor.

Can you see the expression in their faces?

Do you think they are sleeping?


At peace?

Like if they were meditating and in profound contemplation.

This curious realization made me remember something quite interesting and revealing…

Don´t you think it´s curious the fact that under profound meditation both hemispheres of the brain tend to synchronize and function as a whole, thus achieving an inner balance and peace?

The good news is that any kind of meditation promotes brainwave training.

And of all these brain frequencies which one would you associate with the faces mentioned before?

After all this, I sincerely believe that these are just some of the factors that, if you learn to manipulate them, could put us in the same position as Ali Baba...

To unlock the secret code that could open before our eyes the doors to these magical realms full of hidden treasures.

Again this sacred posture.

I sincerely believe here is one of the keys to access lost cities.

In fact, the archaeological sites are situated on power places, where energy behaves differently, so vortexes or energetic doors are more prone to be opened...under the right circumstances.

The Mayans knew.
A clue on their mysterious disappearance lies on this secret doors to those worlds.

And the same applies for the Bermuda triangle as a power place.

It is no coincidence this is a place with a lot of mysterious disappearances and that an important part of the lost continent of Atlantis was supposed to be in the same geographical area.

What do you think about some american and french explorers who apparently made this monumental discovery in the Caribbean?

I even believe the Nazca lines to be also in a power place.

 I was fortunate enough to fly over the Nazca lines in Peru, and I couldn't avoid thinking about the ancient gods and astronauts...

Or UFOS...

Depending on the way you see it.

After all, and whatever the case, they have a higher knowledge...

Trying to be suppressed from us.

If not then why the world public is not aware (on a world-wide scale) of crucial discoveries like this underwater UFO?

But even though someone tries to keep many secrets from mankind, for whatever reason it may be...

I believe our ancestors tried to leave us the best traces they could, so we may be in a position to open and access those profound mysteries and secrets.

What if wherever we find these kind of monolithic disguises it just means there is an invisible door waiting for us to access the right password and frequency bandwidth into a lost city and its golden (divine) knowledge?

Are these faces experiencing sacred contemplation?

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