Never underestimate haunted places.


I learned it the hard way. 

But I am getting ahead. 

First of all…

What feelings arise when you see this image?

Even if you are not aware of it, some part of you KNOWS something is wrong with these kinds of places.

Haunted places can be a towering subject to the psyche.

It is not a walk in the park.

Since primordial times, ancient traditions have recognized the existence of sacred and unholy places.

So if you are attracted to visit this kind of places, there are some basics you must KNOW.


It is a matter of energy. 

Where darkness prevails.

We are talking about very low-frequency areas.

”Everything is energy 

and that’s all there is to it. 

Match the frequency of the reality you want 

and you cannot help but get that reality. 

It can be no other way. 

This is not philosophy. 

This is physics.”

- Albert Einstein

So what kind of reality can we expect if we swim in this waters?

Watch your step.

For sure we could find spirits, but…  

Remember, it is not just about ghosts.

But even though they may appear to be scary, there really is no inherent danger in witnessing a scene of this kind of nature. 

Intelligent beings or “demons” can get into your psyche and influence you.

That could be dangerous.

And that is one big risk we can be commonly exposed to in these kinds of sites.


I have one aunt who was stalked one night by one malevolent being. 

One night her feet were scratched and she could not sleep. When she went to the bathroom to wet her face she started seeing her hands transform into those of a man. Frightened, the moment she saw the mirror she could only see the face of a bearded man filled with hate. And at the same time, she started having creepy thoughts. This being was ordering her to go to the kitchen, pick up a knife, and murder her husband and then her young children.

I know it may be hard to believe, but I do. My aunt is one of the most serious persons I know.

Low-frequency beings can stalk you in different ways. 

We must be careful since we are not sure of their true intentions.

But the risks do not end there. 

And they do not have to be that scary.

Your energy field is at risk.

Where it is strong and exuberant

it can become altered and deteriorated.

As I told you before, I had to learn it the hard way.

At one moment in my life, I had to move to a place which was considered to be haunted. And I underestimated the house. Bad decision.

My health started deteriorating very fast. 

And it was no coincidence.

My energy field, hence my mental, emotional and physical realms, began suffering the ripple effects of living in a very low-frequency place.

A moment came when I even thought I could die. I got really sick. I really felt as if life were slipping through my hands.

How did I get through?

I had to receive a “cleaning”.



Maybe not.



Haunted places are sites out of balance.

These places are “sick”.  

And every inhabitant, whether invisible or not, has the potential to get sick (mentally, emotionally or physically) sooner or later.

These are places where the energy of life has been disturbed.  

Have you noticed that abandoned places seem also disturbing?

A part of you KNOW "life" has lost strength.

In fact, almost anyone can recognize these energy fluctuations. 

Observe your feelings and thoughts the moment you see these kinds of places. 

After some time, what kind of emotions arise? What kind of thoughts start crossing your mind? Is there any kind of physical reaction?

On these places, you are always on the verge.

Depending on various factors, the longer you stay the more you expose yourself to suffer any kind of imbalance.

Haunted or abandoned places are a very delicate matter.

On an extreme scenario, these places have the power to put you, literally, in a life or death situation.

In the end, whether you want to be a ghost hunter or not, you are in touch and close contact with places and beings who need some kind of profound healing.

So in case you experience any kind of haunting…

What kind of unresolved pain or closure do these beings need to handle?

Could you help them?

Do you have what it takes to do so?

Would you be willing to?

And if you want to protect your life…

Heal yourself.

Learn to live in a higher frequency. 


Wake up, and learn to “see” with new eyes.


In haunted places, you are stepping into lower realms.

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