Do you actually believe in conspiracy theories?

What if they are not what we believe them to be? 


A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

Although I do believe in conspiracy, I think that the subject can be a very delicate one.

On one hand, they can awaken us.

On the other hand, they can put us to sleep.

But be it one way or the other, in the end conspiracy theories have the power to mess with our thoughts and belief systems.

Here we are talking about the power to change and shape reality.

Also, there is a very disturbing element to them.


Disinformation is putting false information between true information...

So these are combined and then you have no idea what data or information is really true.

This way, truth is almost impossible to know. 

The ones behind the lies are just messing with our attention. 

So if we just believe without critical thinking, we are lost.


Do you remember the X-Files?

No matter what a great TV series it was, I've wondered many times if they are all part of a big conspiracy.

I have wondered if the TV series manipulated our attention...

Making us believe many things in such a way so that the truth still remains under the fog.  

So if you remember the series motto then be ready to open your mind...

Because you are about to have a brutal confrontation with the true nature of reality. After all…


The Earth Is Flat

Yes! As incredible as it may sound...

The world is flat and stationary, and not a rotating orb as science and common knowledge has led us to believe.

And you know what?

More and more people is starting to believe.

The Earth Is Hollow

Yes, again! This one also can sound incredible, but the Earth is hollow and not what we have been taught at school.

What really lies beneath Earth´s layers?

Do you know some of the stories behind this astounding version of reality?

So, where do we really live in? Are these true? If not, at least do they have some truth in them?

Here I started with some conspiracy theories with the power to make us question the nature of truth and reality about planet Earth.

I´ll be adding more on different subjects. Stay tuned, because conspiracy theories will continue...

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