Is Bigfoot real?

In 1950, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin  were near Bluff Creek, California, when they shot a footage that would forever change our perception of the world.

Here is how it all got started…

As It Happens with host Carol Off had the chance to speak with Bob Gimlin about his iconic film and the Bigfoot mystery.

Here is part of that interesting conversation.

Bob, it's been 50 years since you and Roger Patterson filmed that big, hairy creature. Quite something, eh?

Yes. It was, really, quite. It changed my life.

Do you believe to this day that you saw Bigfoot?

Yes, absolutely. No question in my mind. 

You and Roger Patterson weren't just out for a walk that day. You were looking for Bigfoot back in October 1967. Can you describe the moment that you first saw this creature?

Oh yes. I'll never ever forget that. It was a sunshiney day, a beautiful Oct. 20 sunshiney day. It was just nice and warm. The moment I saw her I just said, "Oh my god, they really do exist." To see is to believe with me. 

And why do you think it was female?

Well, the mammary glands.

Oh, she had breasts?

Oh yeah. But this was happening so fast that I never even thought about that. That was all put together after people started watching the footage. 

Were you scared?

I didn't have time to be scared. It was something surprising. I've been an outdoorsman all my life. Big bull elk have jumped up in front of me, and big buck deer, and bear, and cougar. There was no time. This was all happening dramatically fast.

This is the stabilized video

Of course, I've seen the footage. Many, many people have and there are those who will tell you that it looks like somebody in a gorilla suit. What do you say to those people?

If they've ever heard of Bill Munns, who was a special effects man in Hollywood for 30 some years, and he went into that film footage to prove that it was false. After he studied it for so long he said, "I was the best there was in special effects," and he said, "I couldn't have come up with anything close to a man in a suit that looked like that."

Now what do you think Bigfoot is?

That is one of the biggest questions that everybody has got. Okay, this is what I go with now: they're forest people. They were put here on this planet Earth for a really good reason. Until we learn more about them and what they do and how they do it and their family structures and so forth — to make any statement about what they really are, I'd be so far out of line I just wouldn't even do it. To me, they're just big forest people. 

But they're so elusive. Your film is considered to be one of the few times that anyone can say they think they saw Bigfoot. Why do you think that creature appeared to you that day?

One guy is deceased now but he came up with the idea that she was there to be seen and filmed and she wouldn't have been there if it wouldn't have been for me. 

This story just took a turn — you think she knew you and she wanted to appear to you?

Well, that's what I've been told. I had no idea. But anyway, if that's what it is, I'm hoping that I'm sending a message.

So you think that she appeared to you in order to speak to you, to give you some kind of a message to take to the world?

This is what it is, the film footage. No one has ever come close to saying, well they say it could be a man in a suit, but they've never ever proved anything. It's been to Russian scientists. It's been all over the world to different scientists.

You know there are a lot of people who do believe you. They call themselves "Bigfooters" and one of the Bigfooters told Outside Magazine that "meeting Bob Gimlin, to a Bigfooter it's like meeting the president of the United States if you're an American or meeting the Pope if you're Catholic."

Well, that's a little strong. I don't look at it that way. I'm just Bob Gimlin. The guy that's trying to send the message out there that don't be shooting at the them, don't be trying to kill them and don't be running and screaming away from them.

Here ends the transcript.

The Patterson/Gimlin encounter can be fascinating by itself but to know the truth 3 mysteries must be confronted first.




The 1st mystery…

Is Bigfoot real or a hoax?

Part 1: What if the Patterson/Gimlin story is really a hoax? 

No matter how much we may want to believe, do we still have to deal with the very real monster of fraud? 

Here you can listen to a full interview and draw your own conclusions. 

Part 2: What if all sightings aren’t real, just a hoax?

Here we confront a very hard question.

If society has been fooled for so many decades with Gimlin´s film, then what should we believe regarding all the other encounters?

Is Bigfoot real?

There is no way all these sightings, just in the United States, could be a hoax.

What about the other countries? 

Did you know Native Americans believe in Bigfoot?

Here is the 70´s classic on the search for truth on this mysterious creature, Bigfoot Man or Beast.



The 2nd mystery to me would be if there might be a connection between Bigfoot and UFO phenomenon.

As incredible as it may seem, there seems to be a lot of evidence pointing in that direction like in The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed.

Mysterious Mt. Shasta in California, USA.

Strange cloud formations reflect anomalous electromagnetic behavior. UFO phenomena is strongly connected to electromagnetic phenomena.

Besides that, did you know there are a lot of UFO and Bigfoot sightings in that area?

The red sign marks the Patterson/Gimlin/Bigfoot encounter area.

And the red line connects it with the Mt. Shasta area.

Isn’t it curious?



The 3rd mystery is if Bigfoot might be an inter dimensional creature, especially if the UFO phenomenon has everything to do with inter dimensional phenomena. 

That could explain why Bigfoot sightings seem very common, but at the same time very inaccessible, just the same as with UFO sightings. 


When I visited the Bigfoot Discovery Museum I received an interesting invitation. 

It was a chance to go with some people to a place where supposedly at night… 

In the midst of pure and absolute darkness of the forest, we could wait until a strange sound could be heard. 

Some kind of howling. 

Unfortunately I couldn’t go on that trip. Bigfoot real?

Discover the truth by yourself…

Listen to “Real People” talk about their “Real Encounters”.

Read some stories with maps.

Keep on the lookout.

Because even if you never have a real encounter, one thing is for sure...

Bigfoot will always be stalking your mind and imagination.

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