Each year, people gather to celebrate the visit

of a very strange entity:


For sure this is not an ordinary kind of festival.

People say it is just an urban legend.

Skepticism can be a very safe place.

But, what if it is true?

In fact, how did all this started?

John Keel, the man who started it all.

His research ended in a famous book and a movie.

So the ball started rolling…

Until it ended in an avalanche uncovering what it seemed as a very sinister and dark plot.

But what really happened?

And how it all got started?


November 12, 1966, 

Five men were digging a grave at a cemetery near Clendenin, WV. Suddenly a man-like figure flew low from the trees over their heads. 

This is often identified as the first known sighting of what became known as the Mothman.

November 15, 1966,

Two young couples from Point Pleasant, Roger and Linda Scarberry, and Steve and Mary Mallette were driving in an area outside of town known as... 

'The TNT area', the site of a former World War II munitions plant, when they realized “SOMEONE” was following their car.

When the car headlights picked it up they saw a...

"large flying man with ten-foot wings“, a large creature whose eyes..."glowed red".

During the next few days, other people reported similar sightings.

The pattern:

"large bird with red eyes”...

"like bicycle reflectors”.

But strangely enough, the Mothman case didn’t end there.


Something sinister was going on.

Alleged reports of Men in Black exploring Point Pleasant, following the peak of sightings in 1966-67.

This type of men had been showing up in town afterwards and started menacing some witnesses.

Something was escalating.

So these presences could only mean one thing...


As stated in Keel's book, in the beginning he had been intrigued to visit Point Pleasant because of a large number of UFO reports. 

There were indeed many UFO sightings around the area before and during the Mothman´s appearance, even on many other places besides Point Pleasant.

Among all these cases there was one rather interesting.

A rather bizarre story...

The interview to Woodrow Derenberg, the man who met...

Indrid Cold, aka The Grinning Man.

A very strange kind of energy was starting to manifest in West Virginia.

Then came the day nobody would ever forget.

DECEMBER 15, 1967

Tragedy struck Point Pleasant.

The Silver Bridge collapsed killing 46 people.

From that moment on, silence prevailed.

The aftermath only brought ZERO Mothman reports.

So the legend was born.

Somehow, in the darkest corners of the collective mind, the bridge collapse and the Mothman sightings  were connected.

But whatever the truth may be, a question would forever haunt the curiosity of man. 


In the meantime, I believe we can try to shed some light into the true nature of this strange being.

1st Clue

When you encounter the word 'Prophecies'...

What comes to your mind?

Author John Keel claimed something really interesting. 

The Point Pleasant citizens experienced precognitions and premonitions of the collapse of the Silver Bridge.

Like prophets, they sensed something coming.

At the same time, the Mothman presence had been stalking the area. As if its big red eyes tried to forewarn something.


2nd Clue

I remembered about this brilliant man, Jean Pierre Garner Malet. As a French Physicist (PhD in physics and fluid mechanics)and author of the Theory of the Doubling of Time and Space (The Doubling Theory, 1988), he revealed something fascinating about Time.

In extremely simple terms:

The past is light, therefore we can remember it.

The future is darkness, therefore we cannot see it.

Hence it is uncertain.

But sometimes, under certain circumstances, the future can be perceived.

So I wonder...

Does this creature knew what was going to happen?

What if, somehow, this creature comes from the future?

If not, what kind of mysterious connection the Mothman has with the future?

So I feel compelled to connect some dots...


So far, whatever it may be, for sure it seems to relate with the realm of darkness.


3rd Clue

I have come to understand another facet of darkness.

In very simple terms, in this universe there are two types of energy or polarities.

-Energy that gives and promotes vitality. It constructs and expands. It is connected to Life and high frequency. Energy of light.

-Energy that takes away and inhibits vitality. It destroys and collapses. It is connected to Death and low frequency. Energy of darkness.

So I feel compelled, again, to connect some dots...


So, be it the future or dark polarity...

Where does this creature seem to belong?

The realm of dark energy.

But you may wonder how could this be possible?


4th Clue

In Mexico there is a Black moth called the Butterfly of Death.

It is believed that when a moth like this appears someone will die or the energy of Death is around.


Native American and Indian traditions know about this kind of events, so every time someone crosses paths with a certain type of creature or animal they consider that encounter a good or bad omen.

Did you know that a Mothman type creature was spotted prior to the Chernobyl disaster?

Also, there were people who reported having spotted "winged, flying men" before major earthquakes and natural disasters in India and Mexico.

So, all things considered, who or what is the Mothman?

 A messenger.

When a big energy shift is going to occur, be it good or bad, omens are prone to happen.

No surprise other kind of signs can take place:

The Men in Black

Have you realized how they can also be considered messengers?

MIB approach witnesses with a clear message:

To find out, keep things secret and in the dark.


On many cases they appear to warn us.

Since ancient times the butterfly  archetype has meant transformation.

The Mothman

Like the Butterfly of Death...

By its shadowy nature, it will keep coming out of the darkness.

Mothman at Point Pleasant?

‘Mothman’ Returns to Point Pleasant, West Virginia?

And it will keep appearing when the time is right.

Mothman sighting.

So, if you happen to cross paths with this being, be aware darkness is sending you a message to illuminate your path.

Only that you are left with the mystery of decoding it.

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