I was first shocked by mysterious disappearances when I saw a TV movie as a child.

Although I could not grasp at that time the real implications of mysterious disappearances, my mind had already been profoundly affected by this strange phenomenon.

The TV movie that shocked me, where all mankind had suddenly and mysteriously disappeared.

Apparently this kind of experiences may be very strange to be lived as to think that there is no reason to be worried about.

And I am not talking about mundane explanations.

Of course there are people that disappear because of mundane circumstances, like accidents or mystery crimes.

But what if it is something else?

Nevertheless, it apparently happened to me as a teenager.

At least that is what I was told, because I don't remember.

One morning my youngest brother asked me:

"Where did you go last night?"

I was amazed by the strange question.

"What kind of question is that?", I asked laughing. "Nowhere, of course. I was sleeping. Why?"

"Because I woke up around 3 am at night and went to the bathroom, but when I passed by your room your bed was empty and you were not there."

I guess I put a face of strangeness, because he continued arguing that I was not in the room and somehow he felt it was strange.

"I looked for you all around the house but you were not at all there."
My brother told me the blankets were all used as if I had just woken up and gotten to the bathroom or kitchen.

When I heard that I felt the chills.

I told my brother that not even once had I woken up during the night. That I had slept all night long.

My brother and I knew then and there that something unusual had happened to me that night. What? I still don't know.

But sure it appeared to be on the realm of the supernatural.

Regarding mysterious disappearances I want to believe there are many cases with unnatural causes.

Although there may be different kind of levels...


Case 1

Amelia Earhart

Apparent clue...

Case 2

Frederick Valentich

Apparent clue...

UFOS master energy.

They can create and manipulate electromagnetic forces.

Electromagnetic disturbances create energy frequency shifts, which in turn tend to open doors and serve as bridges into other worlds or realities.

Case 3

Flight 19

Apparent clue...

Electromagnetic disturbances tend to open doors.

I believe the Bermuda Triangle to be a power place where electromagnetic disturbances can occur more easily.

Energy there behaves different than ordinary places.

Of course MANY of the alleged mysterious disappearances would prove to be under one of the explanations mentioned before.

But what happens when none of the last explanations  apparently apply to a case?

Like Roanoke's lost colony mysterious disappearance...

Or Mary Celeste's mysterious disappearance...

Worst of all, what happens when no clue exists at all?

Fortunately, I truly believe a clue appeared in my life...


I definitely believe awareness plays a preponderant role in this phenomena.

Here is how I understand it...

A first clue was seeing this movie...

But as you already may know, apparently this was not a mere science-fiction movie.

USS Eldridge Generator...

Without the energy generated by the generator, the disappearance phenomenon never could have happened.

Tesla gave me this clue.

He was a master at generating and handling energy.

And in case you didn't know...

Tesla was part of the Philadelphia experiment.

He even apparently created an UFO.

And if you remember UFO phenomena you know that UFOS master energy manipulation and have the power to disappear instantly at will.

Technology aided teleportation.

I believe UFOS can do at will what was intended for the USS Eldridge.

Technology aided teleportation.

Energy equals awareness.

Here technology handles energy (hence the crew awareness indirectly).

So up to this point I had two important clues on the subject of disappearance: energy and awareness.

And that's when I remembered Carlos Castaneda, who opened my eyes to an astonishing possibility.

According to him, sorcerer’s of ancient Mexico could literally disappear in front of your eyes in an instant.

How they accomplished this enormous feat was moving what they termed the “assemblage point” (or focal point) (because perception is assembled there), hence assembling another space and/or time. 

For sorcerers to accomplish this kind of feat needed to save a tremendous quantity of energy.

And guess what...

For them, this was an incredible feat of awareness! and awareness showed up.

In other terms, the sorcerers of ancient Mexico tradition were able to practically teleport themselves to other realities.

These sorcerers could accomplish the tremendous feat of manipulating awareness in such a way that perception was radically altered, and this up to a point where they could perceive other realities.

According to sorcerers if you silence your inner dialogue your assemblage point moves.

The moment you quiet your mind you save energy.

The moment you manipulate your mind you are handling consciousness and awareness.

Here I couldn't help consider a remote possibility...

Could it be that the lost colony members of Roanoke Island...

 And the Mary Celeste's crew moved their assemblage point collectively, hence aligning other reality?

Or even another time?

At this point I would like to note that UNCONSCIOUS time travel became another option while I tried to understand mysterious disappearances.

Apparently on this road...

Two men suddenly saw an old car ahead of them. When they passed by they saw a woman dressed like in the forties and she seemed confused and scared.

When they turned around to help her the car had mysteriously disappeared.

A car that was coming behind stopped where the two men were dumbfounded and told them he saw the old car suddenly disappear and vanish into thin air.

Assuming this story is true...

Rudolf Fenz mysteriously disappeared from his time...

Although for him it was just an instant change...

He appeared many years later in Times Square, so suddenly and in the middle of traffic that a car crashed him. He died from that accident.

Apparently his ID and research corroborated the story.

As farfetched and incredible as it may sound all this possibilities, sorcerers really dedicate their life intending this feat of awareness manipulation, CONSCIOUSLY.

Like this mysterious character...

This being could very well be a sorcerer.

Ordinary people does not have the knowledge and discipline to do this.

Something happens in awareness manipulation that they do not know, and/or maybe this accident goes hand in hand with some elements on the surroundings...

Like unknown electromagnetic circumstances.

We have here two different frequencies (worlds)...

The one connected to high frequency...

And the one connected to low frequency.

In other words, they move their “assemblage point” accidentally and unconsciously, so they change frequencies and assemble perception in such a radical and profound way...

To the point of physically teleporting from one reality (the one we know) to another (unknown).

So, remember…

Reality can be manipulated in proportion to awareness manipulation.

Awareness is manipulated in proportion to Reality manipulation.

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