Are sea monsters a myth or reality?

I used to believe monsters were part of my dark imagination. So I didn't really felt fear.

But the dark sea has inspired me fear and respect.

I remember one story...

A very close acquaintance told me once he liked scuba diving. To me, he was an adventurous and brave soul.

But then he confessed me something…

Since he liked a lot scuba diving one night he was in a boat with some other local men from the area, in the middle of the sea in the Baja California gulf ( Mexico).

Until something caught their attention.

They noticed some BIG strange light deep under the sea.

Some part of him instinctively knew the lights were not from a human origin.

What were they?

The other men didn't know. Only that these lights had been appearing since a long, long time ago.

This story made me remember the classic tale told by Jules Verne, 20,000 leagues under the sea...

Where the nautilus (a submarine far ahead of its time), was believed to be a sea monster.

Only that this modern piece of equipment was indeed attacked by an actual sea monster, a giant squid.

Jules Verne

Did this story was the sole product of his imagination or did he in fact had a profound vision and knowledge of some deep secrets of the sea?

I choose to believe in Verne's vision.

After all, he was a man ahead of its time.

So if he believed in sea monsters, something about the sea's deepest dark secrets must be true.

Maybe he knew more than he actually accepted.

Maybe sea myths and legends were more than the mere product of imagination.

The Kraken image of the classic 1981 movie film Clash of the Titans was implanted in my mind.

Although I think the early concept for the sea monster appearing on the film may have been more accurate in some details.

I later found out this monster to be considered more than a legend.

For true sailors, it was an actual and real sea monster.

Then I considered...

What if some sea myths were in some way true?


Like mermaids…

Did they truly possess an hypnotic beauty?

Was our need to believe so big?

I felt the chills when evidence started to appear...

And reveal a more sinister truth.

Because the apparent beauty these beings were supposed to possess could be the farthest thing from the truth.

All this made me, up to this point, feel more respect and amazement for the sea and its secrets.

Are this videos real?

Some strange scenario was starting to reveal itself…

My mind kept rolling…


Is this a true phenomena depiction?

Or on the contrary...

Could this be the purest result of fertile imagination?

But what about this?

Where do all these depictions really came from?

Were they just pieces of mythological art?

For sure they depicted sailors' greatest nightmares.

And maybe all these men really didn't have anything to fear.

Or did they?

What if this were real?

Or this?

Or even this.

Was this man crazy?

All in all, was I starting to believe, like this diver and all the sailors of old times?

This strange creature made me remember chinese dragons.

Don't you think it's curious how (in popular religion) these animals are believed to be strongly associated with water-related weather phenomena?

Its no coincidence that they are seen as rulers of moving bodies of water, such as rivers, waterfalls or seas!

It was inevitable, I started to see sea serpent's legends with new eyes.

Then my perception between actuality and superstition suffered another shift…

 A tenebrous creature appeared and began haunting my mind.

I encountered, like in Verne's tale, the giant squid.

My mind was starting to resist less and less the skepticism that, in some way, still survived.

A piece of sperm whale skin relating a battle with a giant squid.

Was I starting to develop a new vision, like Verne's?

My mind and belief system were under attack.

The Kraken's true existence began stalking me.

A new, dark and somber reality, was starting to take shape.

These creatures were supposed to be a myth.

But then my vision grew even stronger and started to see myths with new eyes.

What if myths were on one end of a spectrum?

And what we perceive as everyday reality (like this average size squid) was on the other end?

But what if...

What if mysterious truths could exist in between?

Like in the twilight zone, where strange events can only happen in that strange and elusive middle ground?

Did Verne´s classic story attack was not a product of his imagination, but an actual possibility inspired by his mind's ability to get in touch with that middle zone where strange possibilities can happen?

And then and there I thought I could be on the verge of understanding.


Myth is one kind of frequency...

These beings can live in our darkest fantasies.

Reality is another kind of frequency...

These horrors can also inhabit our everyday reality.

Why not?

The greatest part of our planet is covered in water...

And so much of it is still unexplored and remain in complete darkness.

So that mysterious middle zone (between myth and reality) must be forcefully another frequency band.

Anyway, and in the end, we are talking about so many possibilities for sea monsters existence as frequencies that exist. Endless possibilities.

But you may wonder who can shift between any and every frequency band?


Who knows what kind of universes brain waves could be capable of aligning or creating?

In the mythological void...


So once again…


I believe consciousness has the power to construct the web of reality.

The holographic concept of the universe may be starting to demonstrate that potentiality.

That could explain why some sailors experience strange phenomena, like Bermuda triangle's disappearances, ghosts, strange lights…or sea monsters.

So if you happen to be in the middle of the dark sea, watch out the frequency band you are vibrating at.

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